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Guild Wars 2 Unique Class Skins

It’s a simple suggestion that could be implemented with little effort: unique skins for things like Engineer Turrets or other non-player skill-on-a-body types. For balance reasons, these skins would be PvE-only, however you could implement that.

For example: Asura Engineers. Those at least are canon (one of their Colleges is interested in Charr engineering). Hell, Inquest Turrets look more fitting than the clunky Charr designs an Asura Engineer may be forced to use for reasons unknown! There are simple ways to differentiate them:

  • Healing Turret: A standard blue Asuran “turret” design, such as the ones used for the gates blocking entry in Sorrow’s Embrace path 1. The blue may be a little bit lighter, and the gap within the cube’s center releases a healing mist. A holographic Monk’s Cross floats on top, letting you know of its purpose.
  • Rifle Turret: Your bread and butter turret, coming with an orange light and fires arcane bullets. The light is actually only on one side, letting you know which direction it’s facing as it changes. Three bullets with speed lines denoting its purpose on the hologram.
  • Flame Turret: Red light, fires flames out of a nozzle somewhere on the turret. Flame symbol hologram on top.
  • Net Turret: Similar design to the Flame Turret except with a green light instead of red. A net hologram on top.
  • Rocket Turret: Yellow light, three smaller cubes surround the primary turret and fire magic missiles (pfffft). Rocket hologram on top.
  • Thumper Turret: A unique-looking Asuran turret with a purple light, its base looks more like a camera tripod as the cube itself is rammed into the ground repeatedly, causing magical tremors within its range.
  • Mortar: A miniature version of the Asuran cannon design with a neat-looking holographic interface for your player character.

Sylvari Engineers can have plants that do all these things. Hell, just remake the Sylvari racials and turn those flowers into Engineer constructs! Alternatively, machines that have let plants overrun them but still work fine, like a silly-looking Healing Turret with a rosebush on top.

I’m sure I have more for this idea but nothing else is coming to mind. Any input?

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