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Moonwater Transformation Stones in Blade & Soul

After some exchanges, I accepted the challenge and changed my name to “Jaogi.” You’d think that after they forced my name change, they would have added the name to the restricted list, and prevented anyone else from taking it.

Well, my typical routine after logging into BnS is to finish up my crafting, which includes sending moonwater transformation stones to my main character. As this is a repetitive process, it’s almost automatic, and I didn’t really think through. I accidentally sent 40 moonwater transformation stones to a new character ,”mushin,” from my alts, between 6-7pm EST.

it turns out that between 9am and 7pm of February 8th, a player with the ID “neoep” had made a destroyer named “mushin.”

I was in tears after I realized that the mail had gone with Blade And Soul Gold. I think anyone would have been, considering the moonwater transformation stones go for nearly 5g each right now, meaning this would be nearly 200g that was sent down the drain – nearly my entire savings that I worked hard for the past three weeks.

I tried to patiently go through with support, asking that they check the record of this specific character. Anyone would find weird that a level 4 character would have suddenly received 40 moonwater transformation stones.

As you can see, they continued to bring up that I had been sending moonwater transformation stones to my main character, and that I had been putting them on the auction. Of course – I was crafting them on my alts, which is why I’ve been selling them! With the loss of 200g, everything I worked towards to craft the stones is spent – I don’t even have enough to make even one batch anymore.

After a while, the support stopped responding.

I spent nearly $200 in this game, and am a master pack owner. I am willing to spend money in games that I enjoy.

However, I cannot just ignore this loss of 200g. After hundreds of hours of work, I’m back to square 1, with less than 50g in my account right now. This has seriously dampened my enthusiasm for the game, and I will probably quit the game entirely if this cannot be solved.

Granted, part of this incident was my fault for clicking “send,” but a large majority of the fault lies with NC for allowing a character with “mushin” to be created again in that short period.

Blade & Soul: 4 different Diamond Gems

Considering there are 4 different Diamond Gems to receive, and if you consistently pulled 3/10 I’d call that luck. I’ve never had much of that. So I’ll stick to the safe side and be the one selling my crafted Pouches :/

I could also add that I watch the market closely and know the 25 AP goes for 25g still currently. So you’d have to pull 3 to make a profit, because even if they were 30g each and only got 2, you’d be at a loss after marketplace fees.

On the topic of dailies, I have 4 45s. The only dailies I do are the faction dailies + Tomb of Exiles. That is 19 Soulstones equaling 74 a day. I sell them all for about 26-27g at current market Blade And Soul Gold. Sitting on Awakened Pirate on my Sin, and regretting upgrading while the prices are so high. You should sell all you Soulstones while prices are so high, and buyback or save once they are down to ~24s each. That would mean you saved 10g (or 10g profit)

I’m working from home past week and something aka I have tons of free time and just this morning I managed to get 40 tears and 1 harry potter design soloing the damn dungeon.

Otherway is selling ncoins.considering the fact you need few thousands of gold to have it ez when 50 patch come I’m waiting the price to jump abit more.Was 1g/100 coins then 1.5g/100 now is 2g/100.Soon price will jump even more.

Pre-45 though, the game does hide a lot of avoidable costs. I didn’t even realize that the game charges you for remotely turning in quests (cost seems to scale to your level – lower level quests cost more to remotely turn in than they award you) until a few days ago.