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Where Is Scarlet’s Story Arc In Guild Wars 2 Taking Us?

Where Is Scarlet’s Story Arc In Guild Wars 2 Taking Us?

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of debate in the community over what the big surprise with the conclusion of the first major story arc in the Living Story will be. Last week Colin Johanson fanned the flames of these speculations with his blog post containing a video recapping the various developments over the last year. He finished that post by saying “The answer to all of these questions await in our four upcoming releases in 2014: and lead to one final moment that will change the face of Tyria forever.” Hmm… a single moment which will change the face of Tyria forever. Previously he had also stated the finale would be “one epic finale that will rock Tyria to its very core” which sounds epic to say the least.

Much of the discussion has revolved around the idea that the things Scarlet has been doing will awaken Primordus cause mass chaos. There certainly is a lot of evidence to support this theory. There are numerous references to fire and things happening below the surface. Arenanet even recently sent out a metronome with a poem which seems to point at Primordus rising. Even the broken Asura gates at the end of the recap video can be seen as evidence of Primordus rising. I’m not so sure though.

Issues with the Primordus awakening theory

Well the first big issue is, it can’t be Primordus awakening it would just be him rising to the surface. According to this handy timeline Primordus awoke in 1120AE and we are currently in 1327AE, so he’s been awake for a little over 200 years already. Sure if he does rise to the surface it would be devastating, but probably not on the scale Johanson seems to be indicating. So far every Elder Dragon has had a huge effect on their personal area and the areas close by. None of them have really affected the whole world much individually. Although, as a collective they have.

The broken Asura gates at the end of the recap video also seems to indicate something with Primordus since the Central Transfer Chamber feeds off the magic leeching from Primodus. So if something were to happen to Primordus or that Transfer Chamber it would have a huge effect on everyone. I mean just imagine if every Asura gate everywhere just stopped working. It would be mayhem! Ok well maybe not mayhem… but it would be a big deal. Additionally it could just be something that happened where those gates are located. It is possible Primordus could have been tunneling his way to Lion’s Arch this whole time, but I feel like that is unlikely.

The known history says previously there were six Elder Dragons who rose up. Currently on five have awoken. These five are Primordus, Jormag, Zhaitan (deceased), the unnamed deep sea dragon, and Kralkatorrik. The only one out there asleep is the unnamed jungle dragon. The waking of a new Elder Dragon would be a huge deal… but again the scale sort of bothers me. Unless this guy was some sort of a “King of Elder Dragons” or they were all just chilling until everyone was awake and they’ll suddenly be more active now; I don’t think even a new Elder Dragon waking up would be quite epic enough.

Overlooked clues

As I reviewed my notes from past articles and looked back over various bits of information we currently have, I feel like many of the theories are focusing too much on individual pieces and forgetting some significant clues.

In the What Scarlet Saw short story there is a lot of information about Scarlet given, and two pretty important clues about what is to come. The first clue is something the Pale Tree said to her, “Please: go no further. In seeking to comprehend the forces that shape us, you will unleash them. Society cannot withstand that.” The question is what forces shape all of Tyria? Certainly not the Elder Dragons, though they probably play a large part. Magic infuses everything, and certainly plays a large role in shaping the world. When there is too much magic in the world the Elder Dragons wake-up and consume as much as they can before going back to sleep. But they don’t destroy the magic since it slowly leeches from them as they sleep. However, it can’t just be about magic it’s already been unleashed on the world… well sort of. There was the whole bloodstone thing and the splitting of magic to temper it a bit.

The second and probably more important clue is after Scarlet comes out of Omadd’s experiment and she is musing to herself she states the following “An insurmountable challenge is rising, and my people have been called to meet it. We are compelled by our creator to.” An insurmountable challenge… that definitely sounds like it’s on the scale Johanson has been talking about. It can’t just be the Elder Dragons though, we killed Zhaitan so clearly they are not an “insurmountable challenge”. Also who created the Sylvari?

Ronan planted the seed he found in a cave “somewhere” and that seed grew into the Pale Tree. The Sylvari also sort of revere the Tablet of Ventari who was a centaur who had tired of the war between humans and centaurs and sought peace. The Sylvari look to his writings as sort of a guiding philosophy. Both of them could potentially be looked at as “creators” as they definitely had a guiding hand in who the Sylvari came to be. Ending all war on Tyria definitely could be seen as an insurmountable challenge, but it’s unlikely peace would be the huge epic ending of Scarlet’s storyline.

Another piece of information still dangling out there goes back to the Tequatl Rising patch. He grew in strength and we were told there was a real storyline reason to explain why he suddenly gained strength, but so far that has not been explained at all. It makes no sense for him gain power technically after his master dies. Orr started to recede and it would have been logical for him to reduce in power as well. I wonder if perhaps the Elder Dragons are a needed cycle in the world and perhaps by killing Zhaitan we started a process that would end with Teq becoming a new Elder Dragon. My imagination might be failing me here but I can’t really think of another reason he would gain power at this point.

I do think Primordus will play a part in the last bit of Scarlet’s storyline, at this point it’ll feel weird if nothing happens with him at all. However, I think there is virtually no chance of him being the major thing which will change the face of Tyria forever. As weird as it might be to think of, he’s just too small of a piece in the larger puzzle.

One possibility is the “rising insurmountable” challenge definitely could be the unnamed jungle dragon. However, like I said before we know it’s possible to beat the Elder Dragons (not saying it’s easy just possible) so if he’s the insurmountable challenge there needs to also be something different about him. He also would need to be active in the world, and there are many potential problems with just tossing an Elder Dragon into the open world. If done well though this could be a really interesting direction to take things.

I think the revelation will be something more that goes to the real heart of the world and how it works. It may or may not be some revelation about magic and the function of the Elder Dragons though those are things that would rock everyone to the core. I am definitly looking to something which will not only change how Tyria looks, but how people view it and their place in it. That’s the direction I am looking anyway. Something “bigger” and more important than the Elder Dragons themselves. Something that really will matter to all of the inhabitants of Tyria.