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Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:In-game Email Surveys

Change is not always good and we instinctively know that because it can cause chaos and suffering where there was no chaos and suffering. It also can destroy familiarity, and we like what is familiar to us, naturally. One only needs to have a grasp of politics or to understand culture to see how the force of change can negatively impact a civilization. When things are already down the tubes, then change is demanded for something to survive; when they aren’t down the tubes, then change is abhorred.

It is no different for anything else man does or makes, including games.

It’s not right to assume a lot of people dislike change for the sake of disliking change, or that they will automatically rate something negatively just because it’s different. Often there is good reason to dislike a change: the change may threaten something they love dearly.

You’ll notice that change that is good is praised, while change that is bad is condemned. There are more negative changes imposed upon us in life because some people are constantly trying to reconstruct and fix what isn’t broken. What they should be focusing on is actually building up what is there and making it better, rather than throwing out what works and experimenting with something completely new in its stead. Additions can be fine, but when you supplant what works with something that doesn’t, you get a chaotic situation, and people suffer because of it.

Most humans understand this intuitively to one degree or another and don’t really realize it until they are faced with a new situation that they loath to be in. To be forced into that situation by something external makes it all the much worse because you then feel powerless to stop it, and we are geared to avoid situations like that at all costs. It appears like most people just “don’t like change” but they only don’t like it when they don’t want to lose what they have. Remember, not all change improves upon something, and in some cases it can be the loss of everything.

I dread a lot of the changes in this update and I do so because it took away things that I loved, but I don’t dread all of the changes.