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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide

As a guardian in Guild Wars 2, you will be an expert in magic used for protection and defense. You can achieve great things if you use a GW2 guardian guide to develop your expertise and master your skills and go through the different levels. This is the recommended option if you do not want to have to go through loads of obstacles and start the game over and over again.

Guide Basics

The purpose of a GW2 guardian guide is to help you enhance your gameplay in every respect and to go through the levels more quickly and effectively. A guide is certainly a good choice for those who are totally new to the game and/or have little gaming experience in general. It is basically a strategy which is ready to use. It will certainly not make the game predictable or boring for you. You will still have to use your own skills and talents. You will just know what to do so that you stay on top of things.

Guide Options

There are various types of guides which you can use as guardian Guild Wars 2. There are leveling guides which are very easy to follow. They usually show everything schematically so you will find them extremely useful if you are well familiar with the game. You will know what to do straight away. You will not have to spend hours studying the guide before you can use it.

There are also character build guides for enhancing your Guild Wars 2 guardian gameplay. These help you pick the right trait lines and spend your trait points effectively. You will be able to focus on increasing the traits which will be most useful to you throughout each level. With such a guide, you will become a better guardian in every respect.

There are some guides which are especially designed for PvE or for PvP respectively. There are mixed ones as well. You should be careful when going over the different options to ensure that you will get and use exactly what you need.

There are written, schematic and video GW2 guardian guides. You can readily pick the format which is most useful and easiest to follow. This is a matter of personal choice which depends on the style of the player.

Choosing a Guide

Before you get to choose a Guild Wars 2 guardian guide, you should become familiar with this type of character. The guardian relies on three virtues. Virtue of Courage is used for blocking attacks. Virtue of Justice causes burning during an attack. Virtue of Resolves provides health regeneration.

Just like every character type, the guardian has a diverse range of skills. In addition to the mechanic ones, there are superb weapon skills, slot skills, downed and drowning skills and auxiliary skill bars. You should study them in great detail so that you can figure out how effective a guide actually is.

You should also take a closer look at the Guild Wars 2 guardian traits before selecting a guide. The five trait lines for guardians are Zeal, Radiance, Valor, Honor and Virtues. Each one of them focuses on developing a special set of skills. For each point that you use, you will get an increase in one primary and secondary attribute. When you compare guides, you should check which trait lines you are recommended and why. Try to figure out how the recommendations will help you reach your goals and achieve success.

You should know that the guides available online are not created equal. You will certainly benefit from looking at reviews from players before you make a final choice. Find out how they have progressed and what they have achieved.