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The Lack Diversity In Guild Wars 2 Modes For PVP

Oh Mathew, if you thought people were turned off by the leveling system that got universal praise from critics and fans alike. I beg to differ. Remember when Colin talked about how dynamic combat would be where you would not rely on auto attacks most of the time (swing a sword again and again). That still happens. Or when dynamic event were suppose to ever changing. Guess how fast those chain quest regurgitate after you just completed them? Or if all progress would stops because they are still buggy.

How about all the enemies who were built to be HP sponges that pose no threat. Or better yet the hard content that was upped by artificial tacky difficulty content (health sponge and timer related). Furthermore quite of few of these events and hearts provided crud for rewards. Keep everything to a universal boring method, and never spicing it up with different dynamic rewards. You know like certain unique material/skin rewards are guaranteed (not RNG) rewarded to those who complete certain events.

The AI constantly fight against itself to understand it’s own environment (instead of taking advantage of it). Let’s not forget about all those collisions environment issues that instead of fixing you made it harder to range the target. However you can still attack certain said targets by standing on a 5 foot boulder with certain weapons, but they can’t attack you. Also how about that stubborn policy Arena Net has about the Ranger pet about not being able to be stowed permeability (with all of these AI problems). At least give gw2 gold eu that until the rest of this mess is cleared up.

The lack diversity in game modes for PvP and that of the different location for WvW (not the same borderland copy & pasted two more times over). As of a matter of fact some those players left because it took you so long to fix things like the trading post or even getting out the looking for group tool. Since they should have been done a few months after the release. Or better yet not to release the game until it was done; which even include that Zhaitan fight. Which was stated by CJ was rushed for the release of the game. Guess how many new people simply skipped through to the end with YouTube, just to see that anticlimactic fight that has been forever immortalize on the internet now. It does not help that I can say, “it’s still like that two years latter.”

I could go on about the real problems, but I would digress for a long time. The leveling system honestly was not one of them. It feels like all that was done to give the excuse there was a problem with the leveling system, because how well the game was received in China (compared to other countries). So it was just copy and pasted to us. Instead of any major tweaking whatsoever. Also Colin please stop saying “we release or talk about thing when we believe they are (close to being) ready.” Since this was clearly one of many updates that clearly was not ready to be released. It’s half finished and buggy. Which is something you even state yourself about this refurbished leveling system. It just makes you look like a hypocrite.

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