A few questions regarding legendary weapons

I was trying to find some information regarding the legendary weapons in the game since they announced the release of the Naryu Labyrinth, but I was unable to find much valuable information due to most topics regarding this had most of their data in form of pictures which are down by now. So I would appreciate it if someone who already played in the other versions could help me with a few questions.

1) As far as I heard there will be multiple Legendaries in the game later on. With your Hongmoon weapon also having two legendary pathes. Does anyone have the stats of those and are there classes that would proft more by using one of those?

2) In their stream they announced that the western version will get the Storm series from Blade & Soul Gold, but it is quite hard to find anything valuable about this exept that it seems to be mostly an owPVP weapon. So how does this weapon differ from the taiwan one since there is a lot more information about this available.

3) I heard that in contrast to the Storm weapon as owPvP weapon there is also a PvE weapon called Nebula series. Does this Nebula weapon also evolve from the Storm path or is this an entirely different weapon?

Some additional informations on the weapons stats and upgrade pathes would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone bothering to answer a few of this questions.

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