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Why Aren’t Rangers Ever Wanted In Guild Wars 2

The ranger isn’t good enough for two pretty simple reasons:
1) The pet is too much of a liability. Not only is the ranger incurring a damage penalty for the pet being kitten, it also can hurt some utility as well. For instance with a dead pet, which is very likely in large grp play, skills such as signet of renewal or protect me won’t work .

2) The group utility a ranger can provide is not good enough. Spirits may be something that could be viable, but not with the way they are now and dying way too easily when aoe breathes on them. Shouts provide what? Regeneration? Wow that’s hard to come by. Traps are decent I suppose, but make you extremely reliant on allies for things like condi removal or stab. Also to add to that stab is very hard to come by on ranger in general.

When it comes down to it, it’s very obvious ranger is more geared towards small grp/solo play.

The Ranger was weak at release and nerfs have made it the worst WvW class in the game hands down. It is not best at anything productive and doesn’t crack the top three in pretty much anything useful. Playing the class means a player has to be significantly more skilled than the enemy just to break even.

My fix to the class would be to honor the actual heritage of the Ranger and make gw2 gold us the fastest class in the game. It should also be a natural counter to stealth. Basically the class should be built for wrecking thieves and mesmers as well as running down anything in the game. Without doubt the Ranger should be a fearsome 1v1 opponent rather than being a punchline to an unfunny joke.


Make Commander Tags Cost Nothing In Guild Wars 2

With the upcoming tags changes that we’ve been hearing about, a lot of people have been decrying the apparent 300 gold cost for each color. Many are pointing out that the WvW people – the main crowd who would benefit from colors – are going to be struggling to afford these tags to properly utilize them.

On the other hand, it seems there is an issue with people abusing the existing commander tag as a mark of wealth and prestige. And although making the tags cost a lot means less potential for people abusing them in some way, it also hurts those who just want a tag to operate more effectively as a leader.

What I propose
Make commander tags extremely easy to obtain. They don’t have to actually cost nothing as the title says, but I propose giving them a barrier that is easily surmountable by even the poorest players.

If people are abusing tags as a prestige item, then making them cost nothing will mean that there’s nothing prestigious about them anymore.

This has two benefits:
1) Less reason for people to use commander tags for something other than the intended functionality.
2) Low barrier of access for players who want to use them for the intended purpose.

But what about trolls, etc.? Won’t everyone start wearing a tag?
The concern here is that if tags have no significant barrier to obtaining gw2 gold us, then everyone and their mother will put one up just for the heck of it.

However, I don’t think this would be a problem at all most of the time. If there is nothing prestigious about wearing a tag, then most people will have no motivation to wear one. Furthermore, we should have some faith that this community would be largely cooperative about delegating tag use to those who actually want to lead.

In fact, the only time I have run across a large number of people putting up tags to be obnoxious also included those people talking about how special and unique they are, so it was clearly driven by the “prestige” problem.

  1. Make commander tags a one-time unlock.
    • This unlock would be separate between PvE and WvW.
    • This unlock would require basic experience in the content.
  2. Add a guild upgrade for private tags only visible by guild members. Any guild members with permissions can set those tags, without having to unlock commander tags firts.
    • Players will be able to select what tags they want to see: Guild only, guild and friends, any.
  3. Tags would be visible even if you are in another squad.
  4. Tags would be visible across maps for players in the squad.
  5. Add 6 colors, and at least 12 icons.
    • All colors and 6 icons would be free once unlocked
    • Additional icons would be fancier versions of the 6 free ones, with additional costs. Some with gem costs, some with coin costs.
  6. Whenever you block a commander, their tag won’t show for you.
  7. Add a limit of 6 public tags in PvE maps. Increase the limit to one per scoring location in WvW.
  8. After the limit has reached, a player with less players blocking them will have priority to show their tag over someone else.

There. One character trolls with the tag? People will block them to hide the tag. Want to see where the commander goes? You can’t block them, so they’ll get priority over the troll. Want to see just your guild’s tag only? Go to the party panel and select the setting.

The block system would naturally make sure that the most liked commanders are the ones with the highest priority when it comes to show the tag. Beyond that, they’ll have to reason with each other if they want to show more tags.