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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Level Up Guide

In Guild Wars 2, the elementalist is one of the professions that the hero can take up in the game. The elementalist essentially uses the elements of fire, ice, air and earth to create havoc and damage the enemies. The elementalist can choose one element (for example fire) as his main element and he is still able to use the other elements in the game. The newbie and low level elementalist may be quite confused given the number of weapon skills and slot skills (not to mention the traits) he may have, especially at the beginning of the game. This will provide a brief guide and synopsis of the weapon skills and slot skills that the elementalist can use for adventuring in the beginning of the guild wars 2 game.

 Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Weapon Skills

The elementalist weapon skills are divided into various groups depending on what weapon the hero is wielding in his main hand and his off hand.

If the hero is wielding the dagger weapon as his main weapon, then the following weapon skills are available to the elementalist at the beginning –

  • dragon’s claw (fire) – fling fire in a claw-shaped spread at one’s foe.
  • vapor blade (water) – a vapor blade of ice is flicked at the enemy, increasing damage before returning to the elementalist.
  • lightning whip (air) – lightning hits the hero in the form of a whip, causing damage.
  • impale (earth) – giant stone spike hits enemies.

The hero can also use other weapons such as the staff, the off hand (weapon) with the dagger, the focus and the trident. The trident is used for underwater combat.

Progession of the Elementalist Weapon Skills

As the elementalist hero keeps using the skills within one elemental tree, he or she will get more weapon skills; the elementalist has managed to level up within each elemental tree.

The hero elementalist will likely start the game with the scepter. If the elementalist is attuned to the element of fire, then he will likely be using flame strike. Strike many many enemies with flames and he will progress up the fire elemental branch of the scepter weapon skill, learning dragon’s tooth next followed by phoenix. The hero will then learn flamewall and fireshield if he is using a source in his off hand.

The elementalist can repeat this process of learning and progression with a different weapon and a different element. As shown in the video below, the elementalist continues to level up within each branch of the element as he fights off enemies.

Guild Wars 2 Slot Skills

On the main screen, the left side of the HUD shows the weapon skills slot, and the right side shows the slot skills. As the elementalist or hero levels up, these slots will become unlocked, allowing the hero more and more skills to use in battles.

The first slot unlocked for the elementalist is the healing slot glyph of element harmony. This is available at the start of the game. This first slot is used only for healing skills. As the hero levels up, he will earn skills points which can be used to unlock further slot skills.

The second to fourth slots are utility slots, and can be used for a variety of skills including damaging enemies. Early skills so unlocked include the arcane waveand storm spell skill. This particular glyph of storms skill, when unleashed can create a fiery havoc (firestorm) from the skies onto the enemies if the hero is attuned to fire at that stage.

The final slot is reserved for elite skills for high level elementalist heroes. As the hero levels up, he will not only have these slots, but will also have the chance to learn traits.

Combine these weapons and slots skills for thrilling and effective battles against Guild Wars 2 denizens.

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