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Tips for Completing Queen’s Gauntlet Achievement In Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 players need to complete eleven Queen’s Gauntlet achievements that around found within The Queen’s Gauntlet achievement tab under Living World if they want to get the Queen’s Gauntlet Champion meta-achievement. In order to help players get through each of them with ease, we offer a guide here, sweet? Check out the guide below.

These achievements are all about just normally completing the Queen’s Gauntlet and rely on you to go through all the standard fights. These seven achievements are:

Blood Sport Enthusiast
Blood Sport Connoisseur
Darkness Illuminator
First Blood
Light Snuffer
Pirate Punisher
Lights Out

There is no unique strategy or things to keep in mind aside from what I outlined above in a build. Just play through the Queen’s Gauntlet normally and you will get these done when you complete each tier. Undoubtedly the hardest one to complete will be Darkness Illuminator.

All of these achievements require you to have some gambits running in order to complete them quickly. These five achievements are:
Candle in the Wind
High Stakes Gambler
Humble Victor
Risk Taker
Triple Threat

Candle is the Wind requires you to turn on the On Fire gambit while taking on the knockback/knockdown heavy Windcaller Kieldia. For this fight you want to keep some sort of stability running constantly and have some way of sustainable health income either from traits or a combination of healing per second food and the regeneration booster. The only way this fight is truly scary is if you get caught in repeated knock down while your stability is down so just keep a close eye on those tornados and move if you absolutely need to.

For High Stakes Gambler, Humble Victor, Risk Taker and Triple Threat I focused solely on fighting Deadeye Dunwell for these achievements. Follow these strategies for each fight:

For Risk Taker take the Hamstrung gambit. You really don’t need to move much except for when he teleports away from you. When he teleports away just dodge towards him and avoid landing in a bomb.

Humble Victor is where the build becomes important because you will be dealing with the Frailty and Squeamish gambits from here out. Once again you want to stay on top of him so use skills that get you on top of him quickly or use skills that pull him to you. Once you’re on top of him you need to sustain your health through traits or healing skills and use reflects if you have any. Blindness and Aegis are also very useful for this fight.

To get Triple Threat take Hamstrung, Exhausted and Squeamish for a bit of a relief from the constant low health you were at in Humble Victor. Use the same strategy as Humble Victor and you won’t have any issues as you should be able to tank through all his damage. Use Mango Pie if you really need more healing to stay alive.

High Stake Gambler will involve you taking every gambit except for Crowd Favorite. This means you will be unable to dodge, taking damage over time, have lower health and toughess, deal less damage and are crippled. It sounds very intimidating but it is practically identical to Triple Threat in terms of the strategy. Sustain your health as best as possible through buffs or traits and make sure you do not stop hitting him.

Special Win Conditions
These achievements require you to do special things during certain boss fights in order to get them. These five achievements are:
Blobs, Schmobs
Doobroosh Tranquilizer
Light Up the Darkness
Meatless Murder
Savage Brute

Blobs, Schmobs will require you to use some sort of single target weapon that doesn’t cleave so you can attack Subject 7 without damaging his ooze spawns. Necromancer and Mesmers will have the advantage in this fight for that reason alone. Reflect or negate the projectiles from others as much as possible and never stop hitting Subject 7.

For Doobroosh Tranquilizer you need to get his buff to ten stacks as quickly as possible then kill him while he has those ten stacks on him. Throughout the fight you can keep him low on the stacks to manage him down to a low amount of health but then you have to build his stack to ten then kill him. This requires some good timing so you don’t get destroyed when he hits those ten stacks.

Getting Light Up the Darkness requires you to hit Liadri with eight Orbs of Light. You will want to a constant buff of vigor, swiftness and the ability to condition clear constantly to get this done. Auto-attack on Liadri in between each crystal to maintain DPS so when you finish the eight orb you can burst her down.

Meatless Murder is an achievement that involves Strugar and Chomper and requires you to make sure Chomper doesn’t get a single piece of meat. Best way to do this would be the ability to deny Chomper the ability to move through skills like Line of Warding or utilizing fears, pulls and knockdowns. Pick up all the meat when Chomper can’t get to them and burst down Strugar as quickly as possible so he can’t throw out any more meat.

Finally to get Savage Brute you need to get all the Bloodlust buffs during the fight with Masticus. Use swiftness and vigor so you can move around the map quickly to build twenty-five stacks of bloodlust. After that it should be easy to bring Masticus down within the rest of the timer due to your massive damage boost from Bloodlust.

Using food buffs like Mango Pies, Bowls of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew, Rare Veggie Pizzas and Bowls of Curry Butternut Squash Soup can give your builds a much needed edge to defeat more difficult bosses.
Liadri is very susceptible to Lifesteal and can be effected by it while still in shadow form. You can build a Necromancer around this concept with traits, skills and sigils to defeat her without worrying about orbs.
Liadri can also be killed with a strong condition build that focuses on bleeds and torment. She moves around enough that the torment can destroy her if it is maintained on her. A thief will have the best chance of defeating her with this strategy.
Having stat boosters like Strength Boosters and Armor Boosters will be useful throughout every type of Gauntlet achievement you are hunting for.
Completing a boss in the arena will reward you with a Gauntlet Chance which has a chance of giving you a Favor of the Pavilion or other very rare items.
The best way to get Arena Tickets would be to farm the mobs in the Gauntlet below and helping out with the Boss Blitz dynamic event.

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