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Lightning Rod Grandmaster Trait Rework In Guild Wars 2

Lightning rod, the new grandmaster air trait XIII is pretty underwhelming for a grandmaster. Why take Lightning rod when you could take a host of other talents that are much better such as fresh air, evasive arcana, etc. At its current power level it is probably on par with adept traits. Additionally eles do not have that many abilities that proc it, and the only time it is somewhat useful is with tornado elite and staff air 5.

I feel that this trait should be reworked into something that can compete with must take traits such as elemental attunement and evasive arcana. This is just an example idea I had:

Lightning rod: 50% chance when you critically strike an enemy: strike them with a lightning bolt that inflicts X damage and reduce your air attunement weapon skill cooldowns by 1 second. The damage cannot critically strike and has a ICD of 1 second per enemy. Additionally the air ability cooldown reduction has a ICD of 1 second.

Each enemy has its own separate cooldown kind of like how shocking aura works so you proc the lightning bolt on multiple enemies with one AOE attack. However the air ability cooldown can only occur once per second no matter how many enemies are struck. I think the damage boost and utility provided would be useful for all weapon sets in PvP, WvW, and PvE. Because one would need to spec 6 air this would be a major skill point investment to reduce the cooldowns of powerful abilities such as shocking aura, RTL, updraft, and static field.