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The Levelling System Is So Bad In Guild Wars 2

Yes, some people are bad at the game, but nobody is bad enough to need hand-holding through primary skill unlocks. More than that, I think gating the the first utility skill bar unlock too late is a disservice to teaching new players and gamers about customisability and choice.

Just as bad, and carried over from the April feature patch is that traits aren’t in the vocabulary of new players. Level 30 is a little too late as by then, most players would have been comfortable with the base skill system for a while already. I got comfortable at around 15 or 20 when I started at the beginning of the GW2 life cycle. Worse is that with the current trait system in place, by then new players might not even have had any traits unlocked yet. I can’t be bothered with the trait system (having already done map completion twice before) and usually just stick to buying cheap gw2 gold with skill scrolls that I have saved up.

For altaholic veterans, while we can skip most of these with our level 20 scrolls, but it’s still tiring (has always been with elite slots unlocking at 30 in the past, more so now) to not have access to my utility slots when I know what they are and don’t need my hand held. Traits are even worse because technically I’ve done most if not all of those events in the past, I just didn’t do it late enough to have them unlock traits. Worse, is that I have to do it for every new character I create and I ain’t having that. Unfortunately, after my engineer, I will officially have run out of skill scrolls despite still having another 8 characters to level up.

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