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Guild Wars 2 Kicking Rangers in Dungeons

In all seriousness though I’m starting to think that although ranger was good back in 2013 when everyone was running warrior and mesmer, they’re not so hot in 2014 with all the new changes and eles being a lot more prevalent. As such, I’d say yes, kick the ranger even if he’s sword/wh meta spotter/fs spec because:

1) Ranger is not much of a might-stacking class so Strength runes aren’t terribly helpful for them.

2) The Ferocity patch was relatively neutral for them (they got hit roughly about as hard as anyone else) because while pets are unaffected by the Ferocity change, rangers are also one of the classes with Precision and Ferocity in the same line, which means they also rely on crit damage relatively more than others who get gw2 gold from straight multiplicative modifiers. At the same time Spotter is a lot weaker now because less crit damage equates to a smaller boost from Precision.

3) The primary ranger DPS weapon is 1h so they did not benefit from the extra sigil on 2h, unlike classes like the guardian (hammer/GS), warrior (greatsword), ele (staff), and engineer (rifle).

4) They did not get any significant trait or mechanics buffs, unlike other classes like the warrior (getting DWA), engineer (ascended kit damage), guardian (extra tick on hammer symbol with WoP), ele (extra tick on Lava Font with Persisting Flames), etc.

The result is that right now, Ranger is pretty much the lowest DPS class (even necro is higher) by a fair margin, whereas before they were much closer to warriors. I have them calculated at around 8.5k potential max DPS (without Bloodlust, but with Night) using Sword/WH, compared to the warrior who gets 10.5k with A/M EA build and ele who gets 16.8k with max DPS staff spec. Take out FS and Spotter which would be unavailable without the ranger and you’re looking at 9.5k for the warrior and 15k for the ele. That’s only around 10-12% boost to 4 members of the party, at the cost of losing almsot 50% DPS relative to a staff ele for a 5th. That’s break-even territory at best.

So basically what I’m saying is that the 10-12% party DPS boost that a FS/Spotter ranger gives isn’t worth suffering the personal DPS loss. Just to keep things really simple, a 4war/1ele group would output 53k sustained DPS (15k + 9.5k x 4) versus a 4war/1ran group outputting 50.5k (10.5k x 4 + 8.5k). And that’s assuming 100% uptime on the Frost Spirit and the ranger’s pet.