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Ranger Sustained Damage In Guild Wars 2

Recently it was said that the vision for Rangers was for them to be the best sustained damage. The problem with this is that with the relatively short cooldown burst skills of other classes, this results in Rangers just being less damage overall.

Therefore, I believe that some changes are necessary for Rangers to be the best “Sustained Damage”.The f3 skill, “Return To Me” should allow the pet to evade for 3/4s on a 10 second cooldown.While the reaction time on f3 has been improved, the pet is simply not responsive enough to avoid channeled, large, AoE attacks (which often do massive damage).The only way to avoid these is to swap pets, which can be detrimental to strategy- through no fault of the player.

This change would make Ranger play much more interactive, with more of a sense of controlling both the character, and the pet, while also making the loss of pet damage output more of a factor of player ability than unresponsive mechanics. f1 and f3 micro will add a good layer of active skill as well.Another option along these lines would be changing pet AI to avoid AoE fields when they have no target.Increase the Sword 1 and Greatsword 1 chain skills damage by 5%.

For sword and greatsword, the attacks (other than greatsword’s maul), lack weight to them. As a result, even though the damage is “sustained”, it’s comparatively less in most situations due to the low cooldown bursts of other classes.Increasing the base damage or even better, the damage coefficients, on the attack chains would thus make Rangers more competitive in terms of sustained damage.