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Guild wars 2 does have two mounts in the game

Why do people complain about using the one button so much? Once you start using it as long as your on automatic you can use your other weapons skills.

Guild wars 2 does have two mounts in the game. The Witches broom, and the Tunneling thing (sorry to lazy to look up the correct name for it). So there you go we do have mounts. No Majestic Beasts or Fancy Vehicles, but mounts just the same.

Thank you for all the responses Although I do not agree with them all they are important to all. If it wasn’t for the input of all the forums things would not change for the better. Like I have said Anet wants to do the game their way not Blizzards or any other developers way.

So there is a type of compromise they do to add things without being exactly the same as the others. They probably could of easily made GW1 a WoW clone. Would that of been fun? Would anyone of bought it? (ok maybe a few). Now some GW1 people do not like GW2, because it is not like GW1 what they are used to.

Ok I agree the game needs some help to some a lot to others some and to still others the game is fine. This game has no quests (personal story ok now LS2, but they are more like dynamic events than quests). It has no gear grind, no holy trinity, dynamic events. A few select games have one or two of those things, but this one makes them all work together.

So if you want your former game because you think GW2 is not up to your “HIGH” standards in gameplay then by all means go play them. GW2 will not cry if you are gone. GW2 will be here waiting for you to get back and play again. You do not lose GW2 it is still available even if you have to redownload it (which with the size of the harddrives these days is silly to delete anyway). And you will be back in due time, because Anet will put something in the game you will have to do. Then you will get bored again and go back to that decrepit old game you were playing that is so cool until you get bored with that one again and come back.

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