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Rebuilding Lions Arch Event Ideas In Guild Wars 2

Rebuild Lions Arch

It is time for us to rebuild our fallen city. Join the captains council in rebuilding lions arch. Donate resources, manpower and even defend stock piles from opportunistic thieves.

Council commendations

With the previous success of rebuilding the lighthouse after the Karka invasion, the captains council has reestablished council commendations as compensation for various donations of resources for the effort of rebuilding lions arch. These commendations can be exchanged for old and new rewards.

Manpower Needed

Although stock piles of resources are needed to rebuild, refining those stock piles into proper building supplies is a massive undertaking when you are rebuilding a whole city. The captains council needs you to help refine materials, logs into planks, planks into boards, metals into ingots, ingots into nails and tools, even cloth needs to be dyed and cut.

Defending stock piles

With such large stockpile of supplies being made for the recreation of the city, opportunistic thieves are trying to take a cut, protect our resources or lions arch may never be rebuilt.

The wall of recognition

The captains council is commissioning the creation of a wall of recognition, the names of the top 25 singular donator’s and top 25 guild donator’s. These people will be forever memorialized on this wall for future generations to pay homage to.

Choose your design

After combing through hundreds of applicants the captains council has chosen the top three applicants to design the new lions arch. When donating resources, helping refine those resources or defending stock piles you will be rewarded with chits (tickets) to cast your vote for the lions arch design you want.

The more the better

Depending on how many resources are donated certain parts of lions arch will be upgraded, upon reaching certain levels of resources small things such as memorials to previous events taking place in lions arch will be built, at higher levels a stadium will be built for the return of Moa racing to lions arch. At ludicrous levels (millions of resources) excess resources will be sold off to the Arcane Council for a complete redesign of the local way-point system to allow greater efficiency of travel around lions arch.

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