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Dear Albion Online Sandbox Interactive

It had to be said. It’s time for a counterbalance to these carebear complainers. Me and everyone I know joined this game cause you finally get that feel of UO pre-trammel back. The feel of danger and the real world. We want to PK and be PK’d. Keep Albion Online Gold the full loot. Don’t compromise any further or take the yellow any tier higher. There’s plenty of safe games for these wussies to go to. Please don’t make the mistake that every other MMO made. Stick to your guns. Maybe just make it a bit (a lot) bigger and get rid of instanced zones. Don’t destroy the feelings of fun, anger, adrenaline, fear, frustration, friendships, hate, love, victories, revenge, etc! Only with a game like this do you get to experience the full variety of feelings! And it’s totally awesome!

Dear Sandbox Interactive, drop the dream of finding the perfect balance to cater casuals and hardcore players and make them both happy. i safe you some development time and alot of frustration by saying this: ITS NOT POSSIBLE

you know whats also NOT POSSIBLE ? having success by making this game a casual mmo, i mean cmon its an isometric game, why should anyone prefer this over wow, etc ?

the only thing you can do with this game is making it hardcore, get all those Ultima Online veterans/fans and make them happy. stop being lazy and introduce a law system, not just that stupid flagging without consequence that noone likes.

no safezones, but killing ppl must have consenquences like becoming red, being an outlaw.

currently there safezones and pvp zones, in pvp zones ppl flag red to kill players but can just flag back to blue and then enter town like they were normal adventurers, and the town folks (king, guards,etc) accept them ? HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE ?????

and then there are yellow zones, whatever the fk those are supposed to be, ppl pvp like in a world of warcraft style, to break ppl’s gear and make them go repair, but they dont lose gear.
what is this ? like a demo version of the late game ? sorry but yellow zones are a joke, have you met someone ingame that actualy likes them ??!!

get rid of those filthy casuals they just want to destroy your game so they get Albion Online Power Leveling comfort, before the move on to the next game.
stop wanting to make this the next big hit on multi platforms like android, apple, etc. whats your goal here ? a hardcore mmo ? or angry beards 2 to make money ? i dont get it.


The blade and sould Arena offers the ultimate in skill-based competitive play

Challenging other martial artists in player vs. player combat can come in a Blade & Soul Gold variety of different ways within Blade & Soul, from testing your skills in World PvP with a Faction uniform equipped, to entering the Arena and competing against other martial artists.

When entering the Arena [F9], all players have their equipment and character level equalized. A level 20 player, for example, will scale up to be able to compete against a max level player. But if you’re serious about Arena competition, reaching max level should be a priority.

The Arena system will match you up with an opponent of similar skill, based on their ranking, to provide the most even and fair competition possible. If you’d rather practice your martial skills and not affect your ranking, you can choose to spar with other players by selecting the Sparring option at the bottom of the Arena Lobby, and enter your opponent’s character name. Note that entering an opponent’s name is case sensitive.

Once your opponent has been chosen, your character will be transferred to the Dueling Grounds where you will enter a 30 second preparation period prior to starting the fight. In the preparation period, you’ll be able to adjust your skill points to contend against your opponent as you see fit. Once you’ve selected and learned your skills and are ready for battle, press Shift +F to begin the round before the preparation timer runs out.

Arena matches are best of three, with each round being determined by either the first Buy Blade And Soul Gold player to reduce their opponent’s health to zero, or by the total amount of damage dealt within three minutes—if neither opponent reaches zero health. Survive two rounds to win the match!

You’ll receive PvP currency—Zen Beans—through most forms of PvP, including PvP daily quests. You’ll receive significantly more Zen Beans from winning in Arenas than from losing, and you can spend your Zen Beans on rewards, like skill upgrades, crafting, and upgrade materials. While Blade & Soul will launch with Arenas and their compelling skill-based gameplay, the biggest rewards will come from ranked competitive Seasons, and we’ll have more information after release on Seasons and how they’ll work.