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Albion Online Feedback/suggestions for Spears/Pikes/battleaxe

Ok ive used all 3 of these weapons extensively and here my feedback on all 3 considering i feel they are either underpowered or have a better weapon you could be useing instead.


The damage of spears are so low compared to other Cheap Albion Online Gold melee weapons it seems and the lack of cc they have doesnt make up for it, all they have is a slow u need to stack 3 times to be equivalent to the slow on the hammer q skill. Hammer is an overall better pick over spear imo. The Q is better since it the same as a spear but the slow of 1 hit is the equivilent to the 3 q’s from the spear, mace and spear w are the same thing but the slows get applied instantly aswell instead of over 2 hits. Spear e does a little more dmg however the hammer has an aoe stun which i think might be better for PvP

Changes to spear
Change the Q ability to when it gets to 3 stacks of slow (Like quarter staffs stun but it roots instead) it will do a bonus dmg hit and root the target for 2 seconds or so when root wears off so do all the slow stacks so they spear user need to restack them
W can stay as is since it will stack Q faster so its gets a buff off that slightly
Change spear E to do extra damage on rooted targets (So 4 stages of damage), so it gets a slight dmg boost however it can do less dmg on targets aswell if they miss time it with the root wearing off and hit them with 0 stacks of slow instead.

Also change the range of the Q to be the same range as the spear and pikes autoattack atm its about half the range as the autoattack range for some reason

(Edit: The other option is to change Spear’s Q into an aoe hit instead of single target making spears more aoeish build seeing the animation is a 360 spin it makes sense, although i personaly like the stacking effect)


Pikes suffer the same fate as spears lack of DPS however it has no combo off with skill like the Q/W working with the E ability, howeve the E is a rather handy in PvP being a hard CC and a pull so thats the pikes saving grace to the no combo’s

If you change the spears Q the pike will be fine as it stands and nothing else will need changed imo.


Axes seem to be the warrior raw damage weapon however there dmg output seems to be lacking since it has no CC capability at all which is fine since thats what set them appart they just need a boost in dmg.

Two options here imo to pick between, either up the damage output (I think bleed Albion Online Gold dmg increase would be best to make it more a dot weapon type than direct dmg like alot of the others) or up the lifesteal ability so basicly have the E heal for double what it does now should be fine.

Also the energy shield should be changed to not cost any energy to cast, atm u need to be hit 3-4 times to get ur return back in energy and alot of the time in groups you wont have agro since your dmg is so low even if ur wearing plate for the threat gain it will always go for the caster or real tanks so u get squat from it.