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How to Reward Scouting In Guild Wars 2

The lord at all structures would have a new conversation option, something like “select a scout.” Once that conversation choice is selected, a small event circle will start. A minimum of 5 people must be standing in the event circle, one of which MUST be an active commander.

After a short amount of time, lets say 10 seconds, the commander will have a new skillset consisting of one skill, naming a scout. The commander would then select one of the people that was in the event circle, and use the name scout skill, which will place a BUFF on that player. The commander can not choose him or herself.

This buff will be a scout buff and will get specific benefits, all of which are open to balance. I’m thinking that something like every 3 minutes, the scout receives a small amount of gold, xp, and wxp. I know all of this is complicated, but this is a fantasy, so to go even farther, the scout would also get a very small amount of percentage of wxp and xp shared by any fights that are occurring on the map. Also, maybe a scout can have a new color in chat so that if they type something in map, it stands out. Another idea would be to have the buff provide permanent swiftness. Anyway…

This buff would only stay on the scout while they stay within the confines of the structure. This means that a new boarder would have to be made specifically for this buff, that is 900 units from the outside of the structure. Sometimes it is necessary for a scout to leave to clear siege or fight someone on a catapult. Camps would have to have a much larger area, as the ideal scouting locations are often on the thatched roof wall on the entrance to the camp.

The buff would not last for more than an hour. After which time, a new breakout event would have to be started.Large structures, like SMC and keeps can have two players with the buff.If the structure is captured, the buff goes away.

Why am I making this so complicated? I’m trying to conceive of possible abuses and griefing. One shouldn’t be able to simply go up to the lord and get the buff. That means that whoever clicks it first would get it. At least, if there is an active commander, then the odds are that someone is being responsible. I also wanted to keep it no more than 5 for the event, because there are often lots of small groups that do a lot of great work or are often responsible for scouting. I can still forsee abuse, but I think that with the steps I outlined above, it would be very rare, and if it did happen, would be reported very quickly.

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