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Best Guild Wars 2 Copper Ore Farming Guide

As we know,one of the most important activities in Guild Wars 2 is farming. Farming enables you to make Guild Wars 2 Gold, with which you can buy powerful gear and other items for your game character. Speaking of farming, players must know that copper ore farming is one of the best way to get gw2 gold eu. So here, guildwar2gold.com is telling you the best guild wars 2 copper ore farming guide to help you get rich fast in game.

Copper Ore are Crafting Materials which can be refined in to Copper Ingots for jewelry making or used with Tin to refine into Bronze Ingots for weapons and heavy armor crafting.A rich copper vein is a resource node which can be mined several times for Copper Ore. You also have a chance of acquiring gems.

The basis for farming these items only is that they retain value andsell fast. Items like Pyrite Ore, Twilight Jasmine, Savage Leather, Volatile Fire and Embersilk Cloth are regularly farmed to make money.These can be found in the new Cataclysm zones. These items can be farmed for hours and auctioned off for a great price quickly. There are also tips as to where exactly each of these items can be farmed most profitably. For example, you can undertake Guild Wars 2 farming of the Pyrite Ore in Twilight Highlands to obtain the most profit. The Guild Wars 2 websites will also provide guidelines as to the places in Twilight Islands where the Ore will be located. Apart from the Twilight Highlands, Uldum is the best place to farm this ore.

The primary problem faced by many players of Guild Wars 2 though is that they are yet to reach level 80, Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling and the above items can only be mined after reaching this level. However, on the website, you will find out about several items that you can farm from level 10 onwards. For example, between levels 10 and 20, you can farm light leather, peacebloom and silverleaf, copper ore, linen cloth etc. The website even tells you the exact amount of gold you can earn by farming each of these items in every level. Between level 80 and 85, there are several beasts you can kill and skin. These beasts will provide you Savage Leather and Savage Leather scraps.

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