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Farm Events for Coin & Karma In Guild Wars 2

One of the easiest ways to rack up cheap gw2 gold in Guild Wars 2 is by simply doing as many events as you can. Find locations that have 2-3 or more decent events each and run through them, teleport around to other areas to complete their events and just keep making rounds. You have to be careful doing this because you can sometimes be reported as a bot if you’re not careful so don’t just sit around waiting for events to respawn, make your way around to other event rich map areas too. Doing this can yield quite a bit of coin and Karma, not to mention experience. The best events will consist of defeating difficult enemies (champs and such) as well as event chains (events that have 2 or 3 parts in quick succession). If you run around with a large group of people you can quickly and easily get through multiple events and get tons of rewards including coin, Karma, experience and valuable items. For best returns be sure to have good Magic Find boost gear on so you can pick up items of decent rarity to sell on the Trading Post, too.

When you’re out exploring or doing anything for that matter be sure to gather everything you can with your gathering tools and also pick up all loot from enemies. It doesn’t matter if it’s useful to you or not. If it isn’t you can immediately put items up for sale on the Trading Post and make profit. Do this when you’re leveling or exploring and you can earn a ton of coin even when not trying. Buy or craft gear that has decent boosts in Magic Find to wear. Magic Find helps you to receive more rare and more valuable item drops from enemies you kill. Some players state that this gear doesn’t actually help you any but, from our experience, it does. Equip it and start killing anything and everything you can. Loot the bodies and sell off anything you don’t want.