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Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Leveling Guide 0-150

Jewel crafting isn’t a particularly cheap crafting profession (though this guide costs as little as 3g in total) the joy of Jewel Crafting however is the knowledge that it can be a very lucrative craft to have, but will also serve all your characters well at level 80.

Unlike becoming a Chef or Artificer, leveling this and the remaining 5 professions can take some time (about an hour if you have all the ingredients) and if you aren’t concentrating, a little longer! There are a large amount of ingredients involved in leveling Jewel Crafting so it’s important you remember what you have and haven’t purchased. It’s also recommend you check your crafting bank in the event you already own some materials.


Make 108 Copper Ingot
Make 27 Copper Hook
Make 27 Copper Setting
Discover Amber Copper Ring with Copper Setting, Copper Band, Amber Pebble
Make 1 Amber Copper Ring
Discover Malachite Copper Stud with Copper Setting, Copper Hook, Malachite Pebble
Make 26 Malachite Copper Stud
Discover Adorned Amber Jewel with Copper Filigree, Amber Pebble
Make 12 Adorned Amber Jewel


Make 76 Silver Ingot
Make 19 Silver Hook
Make 19 Silver Setting
Discover Stunstone Silver Earring with Silver Setting, Silver Hook, Sunstone Nugget
Make 5 Sunstone Silver Earring
Discover Intricate Spinel Jewel with Silver Filigree, Spinel Nugget
Make 12 Intricate Spinel Jewel
Discover Master Spinel Silver Earring with Silver Setting, Silver Hook, Intricate Spinel Jewel
Make 12 Master Spinel Silver Earring