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I am not even asking you to get rid of gil sellers

Just to be clear, this chat log shows that, on average, I am receiving 1 RMT /tell every single MINUTE. That is not to count the /shouts that are apparent on these chat logs as well, not to mention the friends requests from RMTs. Make no mistake, the /tells are sent with this frequency CONSTANTLY. There is no break to it.

The real life equivalent of this would be if I received a call from a telemarketer every single minute of the day. Imagine if I told them I wanted to be on their do not call list but they kept calling me anyway. The only solution left to me is to take the phone off the hook, but then I can’t receive calls from other people either. I’d be completely FFXIV Power leveling cut off from possibly important calls. That is essentially what I and many others have done setting ourselves to permanent /busy status, to keep our sanity. What is happening to me and others is actually blatant harassment, pure and simple.

I do not comprehend your complete silence on this matter, SE. Your devs are so friendly and responsive when it comes to almost every other single matter posted on the forums. But when it comes to this, no matter how much people cry out, no matter how much they suggest changes, you remain mute. Why is this? Several worthwhile suggestions have been made, all of which you have turned a deaf ear to. Seeing as how this will most likely hamstring your own profits, I cannot fathom why you would ignore this problem.

Yes, I know you ban the accounts that spam /tells to people, but that actually does next to nothing. They simply make another character and come right back. For certain you need to add the right click report function, as well as make the blacklist capacity larger. Filtering /tells so that you only receive them from people on your friends list would also go a long way(this would of course be an option for the player rather than something mandatory). I know, it would cripple the social aspect of this game, but it is already crippled. Many people cannot even play this game and keep their sanity without keeping themselves on /busy status all the time, which disables them from sending /tells to ANYONE.

ff14gilhub banner_5

I am not even asking you to get rid of Final Fantasy XIV Gil sellers, or even reduce them. I am asking you as a company to make quality of life changes so that these countless buy ffxiv gil selling characters don’t drive your players away. I ask you to make these changes so we may ALL have a better gaming experience. I don’t understand what the downside would be to doing such a thing. Resources? But I feel as though you’d lose more $ by continuing to ignore this issue.

Make no mistake, I’ve been a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series, I grew up on your games and I love them. I have great respect for Yoshi-P and the devs of this fine game. You polished a turd into a real gem of an MMO. But you are letting these RMTs tarnish that gem by leaving this issue unaddressed. The RMTs are only gaining in strength by the day, your measures are not working. It’s time to try something else before it’s too late. I humbly request this so that your fine MMO may enjoy even greater success in the future.