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Returning Player, Going For Twilight In Guild Wars 2

I’ve played GW2 since its initial beta weekends and I played rather religiously for the first few months of the game. Midway through my first month I took a look through the legendaries and immediately fell in love with Twilight, and as such set about farming to craft it for myself. This game helped me manage my slowly descending life; kept me happy and let me focus on something else for a few hours before I had to get back to my problems. Unfortunately, RL took a bad drop and I had to leave gaming behind for several months while I tried to get things sorted out properly. Now, many months later, I’ve returned to GW2 to find that things are very, very different to how I’d left them.

In the time before I left I managed to pick up most of what I needed with the exception of some T6 mats for Might/Magic, Ectos and, of course, the precursor. I’m afraid that my life is still in a hectic place right now, meaning that I don’t have much time to play every day and it will likely take me several months to even farm up the ectos that I need, much less the gold for the TP or RNG into the MF for Dusk. Odds are that I’ll just save up my rares/exotics to throw into the MF and save up gold to just straight buy it off the TP if that doesn’t work, though it will take me quite some time for either method.

I’m not complaining or even asking for tips on farming because there’s plenty of both right on the front page of the crafting subforum. I suppose what I’m looking for is encouragement and support? I lost most of my friends both in-game and IRL when life went downhill, so I don’t have anyone to really encourage me to continue along with this. I’m afraid that I’ll just lose motivation, and that scares me because getting Twilight has been my dream and motivation for such a long time. Slow and steady is the name of the game, but I’m afraid that I walk a lonely road at the moment. My current life status makes it awkward for me to try to talk to anyone, much less make friends. I’m currently balancing a 40+ hour week on top of maintaining full-time status as a college student, so time is very short for me.

Things are looking promising, might be getting cheap gw2 gold soon that will let me drop one of the things taking up so much time, which is also the only reason I have any time at all to play GW2. Hope is what drives us, no? Hopes and dreams. Kind words would be very welcome, community.

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Why Conquest Failed/New Mode Might In Guild Wars 2

So its not secret that this game’s pvp is very underplayed compared to the rest of the game. We’ve seen many attempts to improve sPvP and bring in players, but most have fallen short. That is not to say we saw no improvement, but when compared to the game as a whole the population improvement seems marginal.

Here are some of the reasons why I think conquest fails as a game mode and is probably the worse out of the new one and TDM.


1. Poor Meta. The meta that is produced by conquest design isn’t overall entertaining to watch or play. It does have its merits and is fun, as they say it “gets old fast”. The meta seems to be heavily focused on AoEs. Now the design of AoEs would warrent to move out of them, however thanks to conquest design compared to some map designs, the AoEs are often difficult to move out of. This could be because you can’t let the point get decapped. Another reason could be the frequency and size of AoEs being cast its near difficult to try to reduce their effect.

2. Lots of none combat related skills. The biggest thing to this game mode and the thing that decides if games are a win or lose is map awareness (and from that rotation). Rotating heavily relies on a users map awareness. If anyone here has ever played a dota or anything like that, you know that map awareness is something not a lot of people are good at. The ability not to focus in on one thing at a time. Conquest HEAVILY relies on this. So even if you’re the best player in the world in combat, if you’re not rotating well then you could lose a lot of cheap gw2 gold. This frustrates a lot of people. This is also why WvW is so popular. WvW is a lot more based on a person’s combat expertise rather than things like rotating and map awareness. I believe this is one of the main reasons people prefer WvW to sPvP.

3. Hard to carry, easy to ruin. Unlike MOBAs where one person could easily carry a team or in WoW, its VERY hard to carry in this game and this game mode. The game mode is one of the primary reasons, but also the downed state. It is also very easy as one person to completely ruin a game. Someone not rotating well, going after a secondary objective at the wrong time, not focusing, etc; these can easily cost you a game

4. Lack of Big Plays. This doesn’t promote big plays. There aren’t many, if any, big plays that can take place with combat; so all of it relies on movement. Movement related big plays are often less entertaining. Not only this but they rarely happen with conquest. The best map it takes place is Temple of the Silent Storm. Legacy of Foefire it can happen, but it requires a team to take a BIG risk. Many of them don’t do it as a result.

5. The Downed State. The Downed State is a lot easier to manage and a lot less noticeable in WvW than it is in sPvP. Many of the people I’ve played with since release and new ones I play with all have gone through similar train of thoughts when it comes to the downed state. First they either started with PvE or WvW and liked it. Then they got in the fence about it after playing WvW mostly. Then after a lengthy period or prolonged sPvP play the begin to dislike the downed state and agree that it has no place in WvW or sPvP. I find it funny that the people I argued with a year and a half ago about the downed state now talk about how much they hate it.

Suggestions to Fix the downed state in sPvP and WvW

1. You can not heal players by “rubbing” them. You must use an ability or defend them and let them rez themselves up

2. You can not rally off of PvE creatures in WvW

So if we’re going to see the new sPvP game mode bring in players and warrant them playing over WvW its going to need to address that stuff. The downed state may not be the most important, but if we dont’ see a increase in the sPVP population it could be a major reason.

The new sPvP game mode needs to

1. Have the ability to see “big” plays without causing a team to sacrifice a ton, so much so that they don’t want to do it

2. Produce a different meta. With conquest fights were often focus on or around points causing the mobility of some classes and the freedom of movement during battle to be lessened.

3. Can one player make a big difference positively? Or just negatively?

If those things aren’t properly addressed I feel that the continued request for a TDM game mode will continue. The TDM has a lot of merits and could add a lot for the game, but that’s a discussion for another time.

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