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Guild Wars 2 Megaservers

I’d heard mixed opinions on the new Megaserver technology, so I headed to Brisban Wildlands to try it out for myself. I chose Brisban because I play there regularly and have gotten familiar with the pre-patch feel of the place; it was usually pretty deserted even on my high-population server. I could count on maybe seeing one or two other players over the course of several hours (and some of them were hanging out to roleplay — you know who you are!), which made completing some of the events in the zone very difficult. Brisban has a number of events and hearts that involve champions, veterans, multiple veterans, champions and veterans, cramped quarters packed with difficult enemies, and worst of all, hyenas with that annoying crippling move.

Brisban Wildlands was one of the first zones added to the Megaserver rollout after the patch, and on arriving in the zone, I was almost immediately struck by how populated it was. It wasn’t exactly crowded, but I haven’t found groups of people doing events in Brisban since the first few days after GW2 launched. I even ran across a couple of event states I’d never seen because they usually fail within a few minutes, and between a couple of other players and me, we managed to take down the Sinister Triad commanders shortly after they spawned instead of letting them roam free to terrorize the zone for hours.

I didn’t have a positive impression of the Megaserver technology immediately after the feature pack dropped, but I think that was mostly because I first experienced it in a city stuffed to the brim with disoriented players. Map chat during the initial post-patch period was not fun, and I bristled at the change in normally quiet, friendly cities. “This is just like being on an overflow,” I muttered darkly, because I talk to myself.

Fortunately, things seem to have settled down. It’d be nice to know whether this is due to the sorting technology working properly or I just need to have more faith in humanity, but I still see tons of roleplay happening in Megaserved cities like Rata Sum and the Grove, and map chat in the open world has been lively and helpful overall. Some players are reportedly having trouble getting matched up with their guildmates and party members, but technical issues are probably a lot easier to fix than community issues.