Mushin Tower 8th Fl. Bugs

Just copy and paste my post from main forum plus some note

Dark buff and ice stance is a mechanic if player fail to lower his HP by xx% within 30 second he will use dark buff follow by ice stance 10 sec later

this mechanic reset after he’s used fire AOE

after dark buff if player can lower his hp down to xx% within 10 second he will skip ice stance.

Here is how mechanic work (for 100% hp to 80% hp after this is the same)

100 to 85 within 30sec

Fail = 10sec later dark buff and ice stance (some time he will use ice stance right away)

Success = skip ice stance

100 to 80 within 40 sec

Fail = dark buff

Success = skip dark buff

Fire AOE at 80% hp

mechanic reset after Fire AOE

Fire AOE at 80 60 40

when he’s enter his mechanic with a lot of Blade & Soul Gold moving he will immune to any damage and CC for a few second be careful if you use any CC or root skill that has long duration he will stand still in that place with immune to any damage until all that CC off (so do not use any CC when he has 81% 61% 41% hp).


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