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I did A1N yesterday in FFXIV

Didn’t know the mechanics honestly and I’ve done VA plenty of times as well as all the Ex’s except for Thordan. So I didn’t think anything of A1N (also figuring that you know, people would speak up and tell me if I need to know anything when I ask…). I queued up with some friends. We consisted of the 2 tanks (WAR and PLD) and 2 DPS (MCH and SUM). First up, Faust. We tell the party both tanks are new and I simply ask if there was anything we should know. My friend who has run it (MCH) said it’s pretty straight forward and another party member said the same. We start pull, and oh hey, look. An add. nbd. Now my thought process was to just keep hitting Faust. Oh hey, another add. They still haven’t killed the 1st one. W/e, guess we’re burning. They’ll take care of it. Annnnd another add. And another and another. Is no one going to pull them? Our healer’s are almost dead? Now since no one is picking up or killing the adds and they are pummeling our healers, I decided that perhaps I should try to grab them. 2 or 3 flashes later and oh hey look. The dragoon took aggro. Great. I didn’t even pull the hate off the healers yet, so now, I simply have no aggro on anything (maybe 1 add…) and we wipe.

I know that the fight should not have been hard and I recall hearing about solo tanking here, but I assumed that was the main boss, not the small one. So I simply chimed in with, “no one thought to mention there’s a million add’s I should grab?”
After that, someone said, “yea, usually the MT grabs them before they hit others”…. Great, glad to know now…

Next pull wasn’t a problem. I grabbed them all and we burned Faust like he was nothing (knowledge is power!)

Now for Oppressor. I ask again, “Anything I should know here? Again, both tanks new”. Not even joking. DRG attacks Oppressor. Seriously. So you can probably guess. It was a pretty quick wipe. Next go, someone else ask’s, “so who’s new?” =_=

We got an explanation this time. The issue however, was that the people running it with us were pretty much all decked out gear wise. I’m avg ilvl 190. The WAR was a little under ilvl 180. I was fine keeping aggro, but I would only be a bit ahead of the DRG, BLM and healers. The party told me, you can take Oppressor North or South, when .5 comes, OT takes. Ok, simple enough. I take it north… When .5 comes out however, it was immediately stacked on top and honestly, you couldn’t even tell there were 2 of them…. Now this next part was my mistake as I didn’t quite think about the situation from OT standpoint (especially under-geared). I just thought, oh hey, 2 for 1. CoS! I noticed a voke right before it went off…. Opps. My friend just couldn’t rip Final Fantasy XIV Gil .5 off me. I tried to see if maybe I could help by moving to south instead. Nope. Nope nope nope. Don’t do that. Long story short. We wipe. Party is angry. I’m trying to calm it down. Someone chimes in with, “usually MT takes Oppressor to the south so it’s easier for .5 to be picked up”. Yup, I noticed now. Thanks.

So this time, I do exactly that. Pull it south, and .5 comes popping his head back in again. OT goes to pull. And it was exactly as those above posted. She couldn’t take because I had such a huge lead on it. She voked, but it wasn’t until it got to me. Eventually, they were pulled to opposite ends, but it was such a messy pull and it caused some issues, which eventually lead to a wipe. We got them down to 12% though. But once again, not being told mechanics is what killed us. OT used AoE attack (not sure which) when the adds popped up. So she had them both on her. She didn’t know that she needed to move them under the missiles. So we ate a few and that left us too damaged to recover. 3 left the party at this point.

Then I thought, maybe I should be OT since I can generate more hate quickly. So we decide to switch it. Seemed like a good idea as I could very easily steal .5 when he came out. But once again, I didn’t think things through completely… The new DPS that joined us were all decked out still. Like, ilvl 200 avg at least if not higher. WAR pulls, and starts dragging south. Maybe like, 2 seconds later, someone took hate. Now, I’m in sword oath at the moment. So I’m like, crap! I try using my enmity generator’s and voke to get ahold, and I do. But it took a few seconds and the DPS and healers were probably half hp because they kept switching between all of them. I drag Opp to the south and then establish a decent hold (while in sword oath mind you). After I get to a good point, I tell WAR to voke and take and it worked just fine. I switch to shield oath and grab .5. We do wipe again unfortunately. But this time, it was the healer blaming the DPS for not doing their jobs. There were a few missiles missed as well as an overall complaint that DPS was too slow. *sigh*.

Next go is when I decided to look at gear and realized why WAR had a hard time holding. So I tell everyone I’ll grab Opp to start and establish a good hold on him then WAR will voke and take and I’ll grab .5. People liked the idea. Basically, right when the bells started ringing that .5 was coming, WAR would voke and I’d simply stop hitting. Once taken, I’d grab .5 and it’d be real easy as I was only a tiny bit from the top of the enmity list for .5. Shield lob would be enough for me to take, no need to even use voke. And luckily, we had finally found the magic combo xD
Everyone finally knew what had to be done. I had also gotten into the habit of popping divine veil when Opp and .5 went into the air and we’d all stack on the opposite side. Think that actually helped a lot as I saw a few times that my Divine Veil was falling off DPS prior to the time being up.