Why Guild Wars 2 Run Power Over Condition In PvP/WvW

There are multiple issues with conditions which cause them to have such astonishing binary representations in PvP scenarios.

The first being food in WvW; condition duration food – both increases and decreases – should be removed. As it stands, it already hurts condition users more than it helps them, as the duration reduction effects end up forcing them to tick for less damage than they would if neither party has condition food.

There is too much removal on some of the most essential classes and skills, and not enough on the rest. Guardians have incredible access to condition removal and additionally have massive party support potential and hard CC attached to AOE’s. Warriors with CI (although we’ll see what happens post-patch) are in the same boat in their resistance to condition builds. With so much removal placed on characters and builds that already have very prominent uses in all forms of PvP, this reduces condi viability by default.

What makes them over the top in roaming and small groups is that classes associated with this have very limited access to removal effects. Thieves for example have some of the worst condition removal access in the game -the absolute worst by a large margin without Shadow Atrs – paired with the lowest base health pool, and are only useful in roaming groups, thus making them extremely vulnerable to condi bombs. The same is said for various other builds and classes which have no place in zergs or the strict sPvP meta focused on turtling points and CC.

Whether or not condition builds have better defensive options per their offensive ones is irrelevant. They should, as ultimately that’s the reason anyone would want to play DoT. The issue is often tied to condi bombs spreading multiple stacks of different types of conditions on a target and a lack of universal cleansing attached to heals. Imagine if every heal skill removed DoT conditions, the number of which scaling with its cooldown. It’d represent a fight with a power build in that a heal when blown will cause a fight to sort of reset. The damage dealt and applied in the past has effectively been mitigated and the person who used the heal isn’t going to die until he takes more new hits all over again. Now a well-timed clear and heal can help reset a fight against a condition user, but won’t require excessive building-around to try and simply deal with the application of some sorts of cheap gw2 gold. Yea, most condi bombs are avoidable, just as is power damage, but these aren’t comparable. Consider how often you move away from your opponents using power-based damage to simply not take any more damage so your cooldowns can refresh and you won’t die. You cannot do this against condition players, so strictly speaking, it’s more punishing to be hit by condition attacks, which means that risk-reward by default is skewed favoring condition users even before the stat race and damage per defense point is taken into account.

This with a reduction on accessible light fields/finishers for AOE removal, and overall the effectiveness of CC+damage and support-heavy classes builds would push conditions into a much more healthy position in the PvP environment.


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