Improved Suggestion For Pve In Guild Wars 2

Still, you focus the resources you have on specific stats and effects, this is where role is defined, focus on dealing damage makes you DPS role, focus on support effects (damage and others) makes you Support role, focus on control effects makes you Control role. Role is always defined by the most focused stats and effects, everything is extra, having varied results depending on how much resources you poured into it at expense of other stats and abilities…

And yes, because of the 90% Trash mobs, it’s become “Standard of the mob” for the player base. Unfortunately we will never get full use of all combat mechanics, Healing, Control, DoT and Boon/Condition Manipulation because of these.Since as I’ve pointed out already, there are no targets to use them against…

This is what impedes idea of balanced Threat lvl and usability of specific abilities in PvE.We have no use of them, unless we go only PvP…

Being “The almost useless member of the group” does include anyone without DPS related builds right now. Not enough DPS, you’re useless in majority of content, since nothing is making it hard as it’s supposed to be in the first place. Yes it will never dissappear, but it extents too much on Support and Control, since these cannot create results while DPS can wipe out everything before anything starts happening…

Fractals, they’re unfortunately content that doesn’t either use that much variety, majority use the “Universal mob Design”, no matter the difficulty level. Higher lvl of Fractals is pretty much same mobs but with higher numbers and higher ranks along with the Fractal specific special effects of that difficulty lvl, which creates the opening that majority of Support and Control roles should have gw2 gold eu in everywhere else.

Another no about Fractals, is that they’re pretty much too “optional” content, because of the hard requirement of Ascended gear at 11+… (Although I’m also saddened that Agony has been made exclusive to that, Mursaat are either forgotten completely or they’re written off to die in the background, without giving us the access there…)

Even though GW1 is different game of design and it’s forced roles “Holy Trinity”, at very least playing any build would create results accordingly, since mobs used abilities and effects that players could affect…


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