Guild Wars 2 Suggesting

Anet, I’m not an employee or a dev or anything more than a player, but given the current state of the game and living world content progress, I am suggesting the following be implemented:

End game raid content. There are lots of avenues to do this, at the moment:

New Fractals of the Mist. (GW1 Has an expansive history, use more of it! Agony resistance should probably have a rework, special to sporadic or specific fractals, but if not that’s fine.) *Hell, if you fancy, include some of the old GW2 history in the fractals. Reanimate nightmare court. Drop marionette again. Toss Orr back above the waves. Drop SAB in. Toss in Mad King, if he isn’t coming back in october. Include token rewards for the content so players can grind gw2 gold for gear.

Of course, you also have Dhuum, the Mursaat, the forming of the jade sea, and -many- other features to play around with here. Gw1 lore is -laden- with ideas.

New World Bosses (Wurm was a nice example of what the game could use more of. Tequatl was a nice drop. for the effort put in, they do not drop the correct tier of rewards. Implement more bosses that require organization like wurm, but make the drops worth the challenge.

Greatly improved rewards for Existing world bosses, tied to scale up in difficulty for ‘stackable’ world bosses. (Shatterer now can drop -ascendeds-, but stacking his right claw is no longer possible. Behemoth dtops Rares regularly, but players cannot stand in front of him when his portals go up. If these events fail, all players close to the boss get wiped.)

New Dungeons. Tyria is huge, we can handle going out of our way to the far reaches for some new dungeons/tokens/sets with usable stats. Examine the metrics for underplayed dungeons, find out why they are underplayed, and offer larger rewards for these dungeons.coughhonorofthewavescough.

Eliminate boss stacking. (you did it with spider queen, love to see it with shatterer.)

Every once in a while, Rework the WVW maps. Terrain changes on Server vs Server worlds will increase replay value, require re-familiarization with the map, and add another layer of planning to commanders that may be just going through the motions. just leave them long enough to not frustrate commanders with the changes.They dont even have to be complete reworks. A little touch up to lions arch and some random battlescarring made a huge difference; carry that into WVW.

PVP Maps. Additions to the current map roulette for PVP would be beneficial for the PVP community. Regarding Skyhammer, either remove it, or alter the breakable pane behavior and greatly increase skyhammer cooldown, to prevent domination of the map by a single necro or ranger.


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