Guild Wars 2 Idea: Friendly Units Block Attacks

A friendly unit standing between you and your target would block your direct attack. Both melee and ranged attacks.

A friendly unit standing within your aoe would have a chance to block one of the five hits. Same with melee cleave with 1 out of 3.

This is an anti-zerging feature.

This feature would only be in effect in WvW. Not in EotM, PvE, SPvP.


Today zergs are effective because you can keep everyone within boon/cleanse/healing range and still have high focused damage output.

Making the biggest zerg on the map and mindlessly spamming skills wins. Many feel it should not be so.

AoE skills cannot be counter play for this because of the 5 target limit. Siege weapons work, but they have no mobility.


This feature would reduce the damage output of zergs. Zergs could still form a tight ball for defensive purposes, but then there would not be much damage output.Teams would need to give some thought where the melee players move and where the ranged players attack.Packing all melees into single point would not be efficient as all but few frontmost melee players deal damage. Others would just get blocked.On one hand the melee players would be more vulnerable being spread out. On the other hand being close to enemy units the enemies block some incoming damage.

Since players are spread out, boons/heals/cleanses need some extra tactics. This would make the gameplay more detailed.


  • Would this be interesting gameplay change?
  • Would this nullify the zerging as an anwers to all tactic?
  • Would this idea raise brand new issues? Like the following…
  • Client lag/server lag/name plates only visibility would make aiming too difficult in large fights?
    • Perhaps calculating friendly unit collisions would cause a lot of stress on the servers.
  • Newbie melee players walking into ranged fire?
    • Granted this feature is not newbie friendly. I already get annoyed if someone knocks my target out of melee range. I’d be tad more annoyed if some eager upscaled warrior keeps squeezing between me and my target.
  • Ranger pet hate?
    • Limiting the blocking on players only solve that but it would be inconsistant.
    • Better pet AI would help, but apparently good AI is hard to code.
  • Warriors soloing entire zergs?
    • One can safely stand in the middle of enemy zerg since only the closest enemies can hit you.

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