Guild Wars 2 Orrian Champions: A Review

With Guild Wars 2 celebrating its 2nd anniversary, I feel that it is high time that some quality of life improvements were made to Orr, and in particular, the Champion mobs found within the zones. Orr, especially Cursed Shore, is a location where a great many players spend a great deal of time, and are the natural “end game” zones that traditional MMO players naturally gravitate towards. Therefore, QOL improvements here will go a long way to helping retain players who hit the levelcap and begin running Orrian events.

My intention is to present an overview of the main Champion mobs in Orr, the issues I feel they have, and the possible solutions. In most cases the solutions are simple and exist in the game already.

A disclaimer before I begin: I am not writing this to complain about mobs being too hard. Some content, especially Champion mobs, should be challenging. However it must be challenging in the correct way. Guild Wars 2 combat is build around being able to see what the enemy is preparing to do and trying to avoid gw2 gold eu. Large scale attacks that can one-shot players must be clearly visible, or players die without having any idea what killed them. This leaves players frustrated, as they feel there is no way for them to prevent their death occurring the next time they encounter this foe.

Champion Risen Corrupter

We’ll start with the worst. These mobs spawn during the Penitent Defense phase and Jorfast. They have an AOE pull and a point-blank AOE attack that they use in conjunction. The damage on the PBAOE is extremely high, enough to down and then defeat a player before they can react. I have been pulled to a Corrupter countless times and hammered the dodge key, and found myself in a downed state before my character stood and was able to dodge. Shortly after, I would be defeated.

What makes this an issue is not that a mob has a powerful AOE attack, but that it’s impossible to see when a Corrupter is about to use its pull attack. Due to the relatively small size of the mob, attack effects from players obscure any animation on the part of the Corrupter. They may have an indicator, but I’ve never seen it, with flames and explosions all but hiding the mob’s model.

This makes fighting Corrupters extremely frustrating, as evidenced by comments from players lying dead in a pile of other dead players, which tend to be along the lines of “wtf”, “what happened?” or “how am I supposed to counter THAT?”. Again: the issue is that players feel they have no way of stopping themselves from dying, and that’s what needs to change.

The solution thankfully is fairly easy. Some time ago Arena-net introduced ground telegraphs for mobs: large, red coloured areas that signal when a mob is about to use a powerful AOE attack. These were employed extensively in Dry Top and they would be perfect for solving the issue with Corrupters. Add a coloured circle to the AOE pull attack, so players can see when its going to occur, and the issue is solved.

Champion Risen Abomination

This mob is usually encountered at the end of the Plinx chain in Cursed Shore. Just like regular Abominations, it has large charge up attacks that hit very hard, enough to down most players in one hit in conjunction with its stacking damage buff. The only issue with this mob is that the range and radius of its attacks are far larger and wider than players would reasonably think. This is a similar issue to Asura in SPVP where players can be hit by animations that they think they’re far enough away from, because the animation isn’t touching their character model. The Abomination seems to hit in a 180 degree arc in front of it, which is far larger than the cone effect a player would expect from a large club hitting the ground.

The solution is simple once again: a coloured semi-circle, similar to the one used by Nochtli in Dry top. Apart from that, the mob has no issues, and provides a good level of challenge.


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