Favorite/least Favorite Dungeons In Guild Wars 2

That’s exactly it about Alpha. He’s not hard by any means, but he’s not so easy I can bang my head on the keyboard and win, which is not something I can say about a LOT of the content in this game. He’s the bare minimum of what I consider “challenging” barely eeking into the category, but that’s perfect for PUGing daily runs, “if I stop paying attention completely, I’ll die”. I’m sure once I learn Lupi well enough to solo him like a lot of the people here I’ll be looking at him the same way but with even more love as he’s a much better designed fight.

As for the Robot, I LOVE how much my mesmer can make him his kitten. Phantasmal haste with 2 wardens and a disenchanter, basically the golem never buffs, his laser never gets off, his static thing doesn’t go off, and all I have to worry about is the spin killing my wardens. When everything goes well though It’s just extremely satisfying how big of an impact the mesmer can have on that fight, I wish there were more fights like that. I do miss the gw2 gold eu though, because I could do all that AND interrupt the spin (which I could do still but it would involve shattering which then removes my capabilities to nullify the other attacks).

My favorite dungeon has to be arah path 1~3. In these paths you’ll see a lot of whiners, pros, super speedrun groups, people willing to learn, ragers and even more. This dungeon is the line between being a dedicated/good pve player vs facerolling everything without actually exploring the profession/tactics/characters/etc. To me this is where the real gw2 dungeon starts, but also unfortunately ends due to lack of dungeon team. Future dungeons should look at arah and develop more interesting bosses like Lupi and alphard and tar boss and dwayna.

My least favorite dungeon has to be COF p1 and p2 because everyone thinks they know what they are doing, but then the little tactics/errors immensely slow down the whole party, and yet people still don’t realize that they are approaching the dungeon in wrong mindset. There are so many uninformed/uneducated players who do not really know their professions can both dps and provide boons/buffs.

I was fortunate enough to start as a guardian to really understand the roles, but whenever I tried to play as different profession and a guardian comes in, I just cannot trust that guardian enough and usually my instincts are correct.


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