Guild Wars 2 Elementalist:D/D Celestial Needs Nerf

I am kind of split on this one. I don’t think a big nerf is needed, b/c celestial d/d ele doesn’t have as much going for it as tanky warriors did (less stab, must attack to heal, more susceptible to bursts, no invulns), but at the same time allows you to be effective with a large margin for error.

When decreasing the power-level, however, extreme care MUST be taken. They already tried nerfing the signet + cleansing water and it pushed eles down to “Please play a real class” tier in pvp (changing d/d skills and adding sigil stacking, strength runes, and celestial helped the recovery too).

I don’t think reducing drake’s breathe is as necessary, as it is a means of consistent pressure, and only hurts b/c of might stacking (burn is the only condi you need to clear really, unless you eat a churning earth, in which case you DESERVE to lose). The burns hurt, but just increasing the CD a bit doesn’t do anything as it would still be available each rotation through the elements anyway (and we can’t have every skill with gw2 gold).

Lightning whip stow change would be just fine, imo (and all cancel-casts for benefit, tbh), but has technical hurdles in implementation.

I agree with reducing battle sigil, as it is too strong (especially with boon duration runes) given that it increases both power AND condi damage. It also would be reasonable to take the blast back off of frozen burst. Eles got their survivability back, so adding this bit of free dps increase wasn’t necessary.

And remove celestial? It was not used at all for the longest time and enables new build variety. The builds that use celestial aren’t game-breakingly OP, but some are just a little high on the power-level. Let’s not use a tactical nuke when all that is needed is a small scalpel.

I personally think that shaving the might-stacking potential just a bit would be just enough to keep the bruiser-type play style viable without hurting the close matchups too much, while also decreasing the margin for error just a bit. The survivability of d/d is in a good spot, just the damage needs a small shave to increase the time it takes d/d to kill.


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