Dev’s Wasting Time & Effort In Guild Wars 2

Anyone can come up with the simple story “The inquest moved in to experiment with the Marionette device and have reactivated it” and TA-DA you keep that content in the game… Players will be more forgiving of lame excuses to keep/bring back old content just because it’s something more for them to do!

I guess the overall point i’m trying to make is that ANet Dev’s are spending a lot of time creating these events for us and then taking them away so we are all back to square one… which is basically where I started after BETA… But this time I’ve already completed it all which leave me with… What? Farming Legendaries, or Achievements, using Guild Wars as a glorified Chat Room to talk to guild members. Run Champ or Meta trains? All of these are simply BORING.

Now I’m certain someone out there will say “Well find another game then” so I’ll save you the time and state, I don’t want to find another game… I have been a Guild Wars player since Guild Wars Prophecies. What I want is for ANet to take a step back and see the existing content that already have and have put in and removed and basically RECYCLE it.

If you want a story based excuse to put them back in I’d be more than happy to come up with some drivel for you to use just for the sake of putting it back in. Just PLEASE stop pushing yourselves to give us cheap guild wars 2 gold all the time and save yourself A LOT of time and effort and focus a couple of weeks on the existing content.

Give us replayable personal stories, with additional bonus challenges (just like LS now), allow us to unlock all paths of the personal story. Add in an additional mission at the end to allow us access to ALL the orders NPC’s and teleports (I’m the Commander of the Pact, so why do 2 of the orders hate me?) bring back the dungeons you took away… perhaps add some new paths. allow us to access an instance for the Lions Arch events and to replay Scarlet. Have Scarlet’s invasions put back in, the Marionette reactivated… and any other stuff I have missed.

Before you respond to this post, please take a moment to think back to the previous living story and ask yourself “is there something I’d like them to bring back?” Because, although there are some things I wouldn’t even care about them adding back in, there are other things I would. We are all different and enjoyed different sections of the living story content. But ANet will not take time out to add it back in unless they know we want it back!

You have done some amazing work in the past and now it’s nothing! People don’t bake a cake, spend hours decorating it and then when it’s finally done, take a photo and promptly throw it in the bin… So why would you do that with all your time and effort?

I can’t speak for all players, so I only speak for myself when I say “I’d rather have a game full of crap content, than a game with no content” at present we have a great game but with very little content because you keep removing it… All i can say is “Was it really worth putting the time in at all, as right now you have nothing to show for it. The Living World promised that it would change Tyria FOREVER… I didn’t realise Forever would be such a short period of time”


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