The Future Of Engi Meta In Guild Wars 2

So im all sure we have been thinking of builds for when the new patch hits and i wanted to throw my idear out there, now ive thought of this with spvp (conquest) in mind.So as you can see ive take the usual survival traits in tools/alchemy, pistol/shield was a no brainer, now comes the explaining things part.

With the change to flame blast with this build we will have a 4 1/2 sec blast finisher, with the reduced cd traits on both bombkit and flamer (with a it of practice) we will be able to make sure we always have a flame field to blast, now ill round it up to 5 seconds this puts us at 12 stacks of might just using flame blast (we have 5 more blast finishers) which will easily gives us the ability to upkeep alot of might with out taking might runes or sigils, that gives us a huge advantage, now you may be saying to yourself, thats all well and good but with all that time spent stacking might where is our damage coming from, well as i said im thinking about this as conquest and sitting on a point popping fire fields will be some pritty big damage as is, with sigil of doom keeping poisen and burning on a target will be rather easy threw the basic rotation, we also have atleast 4 seconds between each blast to use some of our other damaging skills, lots of practice inbound.

With a generally good defense against power based users threw the high toughness and protection we are able to use the more important skills less, for example smoke bomb is great for on point tanking but best for stomping and stealthing for resses, with less need to avoid physical damage it gives us a better opportunity to utilize smoke bomb when we need it and not when we have to add in the flamers vent for stomping and we gain alot of easy to buy gw2 gold, with the ability to easily upkeep quite a few conditions and might stacks there is only 1 thing left, conditions (we all know that feel), with the reduced cd on elixir gun and the sigil of generosity add in the healing turret and transmute trait we are looking at some really good condition removal at very best being 21 conditions per min which is very acceptable condition removal for an engineer but on avarage it will more likely be around 14ish for most players which is also very good.

so the biggest weakness in this build is range, luckily conquest ftw, but assuming we have someone kiting around the point just trying to take us down, weakness says hello(EG auto) and some reflect(bonus points for ft#3 reflects) apart from that we have a very good tank and should be able to survive most ranged assaults quite easily and as for team fights it should be more then easy to get in there, but even so i feel this build will be best suited to solo que where the reliance of team synergy takes a back seat to individual player skill.


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