Guild Wars 2 Emotes & Custom Animations


As much as GW2 blows other MMOs out of the water in many aspects, one area in which I feel it falls short is the selection of emotes. I can’t /clap in this game, whereas this is something I usually take for granted in most online games. And while I don’t expect something like /hug to be associated with an actual animation, I would have expected at least a text emote to display in the chat panel. Sure, we can always type “/me” to simulate a custom text emote, but this is an inelegant and often inconvenient solution.

GW2 has a ton of possible methods to unlock new emotes. Some ways off the top of my head are:

  • gem store
  • purchased with laurels or guild commendations
  • achievement point tier rewards, or meta achievements
  • unlocked by completing certain events (like traits), or optional Living Story challenges
  • PvP reward track


I know there is the How to Dance manual on the gem store, but in my opinion tying these additional dances to an inventory item makes it far less appealing. How about if using the manual “unlocks” additional dance styles on your account, which you can then perform using /dance2, /dance3, /dance4, and so on?

Custom Motions and Animations

So, there is this item in the game Aion called a “motion manual,” which is not like anything I’ve seen in other MMOs. Buying one would let you unlock a set of custom poses and animations that changed the way your character would stand, run, jump, etc. There was a “levitation” theme and a “ninja” theme; not sure if there were more. I would love the chance to add a ninja-style flair to my thief’s movements!

I realize Aion had only humanoid playable characters, and this would be a lot harder to create for the various races in GW2. Each race would either need their own variants on the theme, or just have guild wars 2 gold. And maybe disable these in PvP?


  • More emotes & dances, please?
  • Custom animations for running, sitting, idle, etc.?

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