Why Don’t The Asura Take Over Tyria In Guild Wars 2

Their technology is centuries more advanced then all of the other races. Why do they put up with the barbaric Norn, Humans and Charr? I know magic is a factor but still the Asurans could take on any race and enslave them with a army of interdimensional golems.

Asura are very technologically advanced but there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. They’re a lot like children when it comes to making wise decisions and thus leads to a lot of mishaps with their inventions.

I do however feel that they have already somewhat taken over the world as the reside in just about every corner of Tyria with a lab and a krewe. But if they were ever to actually commit to taking it over I feel no matter how good they are at planning and mathematics, they would end up ruining their own plans somehow. If any race were to take over I believe it would be the Charr, simply because they have been militarized from birth and are capable of both simple and complex assaults on their enemies or even allies if the situation calls for it. They may not be geniuses like the Asura, but they are far from stupid and much more capable of an offensive attack.

Charr (and humans) tend to argue and bicker amongst themselves and the Asura are too busy one-upping each other. In all seriousness, we control Tyria’s economic flow, and can shut down all gates within moments of each other if needs be (if Mordremoth doesn’t do this for us). Or nastier yet, redirect traffic to very undesirable destinations for our enemies daring to wage war against us. Not to mention our Peacemakers, vast golem armies, megalasers, and other weaponry.

Could we really pull off a successful takeover? If we could momentarily put aside our differences and agendas then banded together and wanted too, yes. But…I don’t think for gw2 gold eu the everyday Asura wants to dominate Tyria, and… as stated in the other post.. with the exception of a few power-hungry xenophobes, we’re perfectly happy inventing. After all, a civilized culture creates slaves rather than enslaving sentient beings (as stated by the Asura in Sparkfly Fen).


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