Finished Crafting Light Of Dwayna In Guild Wars 2

ust finished crafting the amazing looking Light of Dwayna last week just too find out it does no offer the nomad stats. Is this going to be permanently or does Anet have any intentions on adding the stats of choices to it as well? I would also like to add that is has bee a while since the nomad set came out and there are still no ascended trinkets for those stats as well. I’ve been waiting for them to add gw2 gold us for so long.

Its only been a month and a half since Nomads was introduced… there are stat combos out there that have been in since launch and still don’t exist in Ascended versions, so that’s not all that long to wait, comparatively.

Trinkets probably won’t show up until they get around to adding Ascended Jeweller. That’d be my guess, anyway. Since all Nomad / Ventari items are strictly crafted.

As for the backpiece… the current Mysterious Vine incarnation is Nomad’s stats. Its only Exotic right now, but all sources indicate its going to be upgraded in a future patch (possibly next week’s patch, who knows), and since the original is Nomad’s the Ascended version may be Nomad’s stats as well. Possible they don’t intend to add Nomad’s stats to the other Ascended backs just to make the Vine more unique. That’s just a guess though, they may very well add it to the selectable stats of the other Ascended items at some point.

The Nomad stats were missing from Legendary weapons as well but Anet stated that this was an oversight and will be added with a future build (not sure if alreay implemented). They didnt mention backpacks though.

Keepers is another ascended stat that is just craftable but it was added to legendary weapons (just like ventari will be). I guess if you check your light of dwayna and it offers keepers stats, it will also offer ventari stats, once Anet updates their oversight.


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