Guild Wars 2: Maximize Magic Find via Food, Boosts, & Gear

If you are seriously interested in grinding in Guild Wars 2 you will want to think about benefiting from Miracle Find boost in your character. Miracle find will greatly increase the risk of rare loot found in the mobs that you simply kill. This informative guide will train you the way to improve your miracle find by purchasing products and equipment.

There’s some fairly cheap Miracle find gear that you could craft or buy around the buying and selling publish, here’s a couple of prefixes that you could look for around the buying and selling publish which have miracle find boosts. Pillaging, Explorer’s and Traveler’s. I wager there’s more then these armor groups but you’ll have to search yourself on their behalf. Just make certain that you simply don’t spend beyond our means when having your miracle find gear, compare miracle find % on gear and find out if it is well worth investing a extra gold for any small stat bonus, since it could possibly get really costly if you purchase the incorrect things.

Magic Find Runes can be really expensive to buy and craft, so be prepared to spend some gw2 gold if you want to get your hands of these runes, here’s a list of Magic Find runes in Guild Wars 2:

  • Superior Rune of Scavenging (Expensive but can be worth it if you’re going to do some serious grinding)
  • Superior Rune of Noble (Buy these with tokens from Caudecus’s Manor at the Seraph Outfitter Eva in Lion’s Arch)
  • Superior Rune of the Pirate (go for a full set of these, they’re the cheapest)
  • Superior Rune of the Traveler (cheaper then the Scavenging runes but still expensive)

Sigil of Luck is a great sigil for your weapons, this doesn’t suit everyone’s play style but if it does then get it, Sigil of Luck comes in 3 different qualities, minor, major and superior. What the Superior Sigil of Luck will do is give you a 6% magic find boost each time you kill a monster, stacking up to 25 times, great way to get some nice magic find in events.

There’s 2 kinds of consumables which will improve your miracle find, there’s the Miracle Find Booster available within the jewel store for 150 Gems, this item provides you with a 50% increase in miracle find to have an hour, Personally, i don’t purchase these boosters simply because they cost to much and also the boost is not enought to become well worth the high cost of gems at this time, but when the jewel cost goes lower they could be worthwhile, and when you have one just lounging around like should you thought it was inside a chest or something like that, only use it.

And yet another type of consumables are very different type of food that provides you with miracle find, with respect to the level you’re use a wide variate of food. If you are not level 80 simply take a couple of minutes to see the Food section around the Buying and selling publish and you’ll find food that provides a miracle find increase in your level range. But when you’re level 80 you should purchase the Omnomberry Bar, these provides you with a 30% Miracle Find boost and 40% more Gold from Monsters for half an hour. These bars are perfect and it is essential in case your heading out grinding for rares and cheap guild wars 2 gold. In addition, there’s the Chocolate Omnomberry Cream that provides a lift of 40% Miracle find but with no Gold boost the Omnomberry Bar have, and so i would still opt for the Omnomberry Bars.


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