2 Easy Changes For Large Improvements In Guild Wars 2

The purpose behind the proposed change to Hunter’s Shot is to remove some of the counterplay options to the skill, absolutely. The skill is terrible for damage, and isn’t used for any sort of “big damage” setup.

It’s a full on utility skill, that at the moment, is both extremely unreliable, and fairly weak utility for how unreliable it is.

And yes, our tanky builds are tanky against conditions, but most of our strong condi removal options are only beneficial to condition damage focused builds, leaving power builds high and dry unless you sacrifice so much efficiency of your output that the opportunity cost is no longer worth it.

More importantly, what is the largest difference between running full glass on a ranger versus running full glass on a thief or mesmer? A lot of people are going to argue damage, and while a strong case can be made for it being damage, that isn’t what creates the efficiency disparity. What creates the efficiency disparity is the amount of utility options mesmers/thieves still have access to as full glass builds.

Thieves have incredible team offense utility on their shortbow alone, and can maneuver terrain for defense, on top of the amount of utility Shadow Refuge is alone, not to mention pistol 5 for blind fields on demand if that is the set thief is running, which greatly improves their overall versatility and survivability.

Mesmers, while having arguably only slightly more terrain maneuvers due to blink (less land speed mobility though), perform a near identical role to that of a longbow ranger. They pressure for gw2 gold, opening up on specific targets when needed. However, the also have arguably better AoE options, ON TOP OF the fact that they can run portal, mass invis, veil (more of a WvW option), Null Field, and have a bunch of teleport “tricks.”

Mind you, both classes run full glass with basically no condi removal either. So comparably to either class, when ranger goes full glass, we get as our best options, exactly what Eurantien runs on his bar; Protect Me, Lightning Reflexes, and Signet of Renewal. Combine that with Longbow, and with full glass traits, no matter what your offhand swap is, the amount of team and personal utility you are capable of having is so extremely limited that is what makes makes our power builds less effective than other classes competing for the same role on a team comp.


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