Gold From Playing In Guild Wars 2

I make 5-10 gold, and a handful of ecto, a day just playing for a few hours a night. I do my daily in Orr. If Shelt or Pen are up I do those but I don’t farm or idle for the events. Plinx usually pops when i’m there so I do that, as well as any temples that might be underway. Afterwards, I do the even fractal for the day and another run to level up if the group is fast. And then I might do a few dungeon paths with the guild or level up an alt depending on time. I play to play and am more than halfway to my own legendary without any particular grinding/farming.

The real question here is why you feel you don’t have the gold that you need? Dynamic events, and nothing else, are easily profitable enough to pay waypoint and repair costs.Exotics can be crafted for nothing but the time to get the mats, or gotten for free using dungeon tokens. Ascended (if you’re into that kind of thing) can be gotten for free from random fractal drops, saving daily laurels, or pristine fractal tokens. Tier six materials can be promoted from lower quality materials. And ecto/rares are easier to come by since the patch that allows user level loot anywhere.

Everything you need to be effective in the game is easy to come by and has a gold cost of little to nothing. Things like T3 cultural, Legendaries and other shinies are things you don’t need to progress, qualify for content or play better. They are long term end goals for your character.

Some advice that might help you enjoy the game more: If its taking too long and you are getting impatient with legendary progress and money making, then forget it. Pick a new more attainable goal for your character that will lend to getting the legendary.

In my case, I decided I wanted fractal lvl 30. And on the way I would TP any exotic drops, salvage any rare armor drops for ecto, and save rare weapon drops to forge. I got a precursor from the forge when I hit lvl 27 and sold it in the TP to buy the one I want.My character goal is still to hit 30, and hunt for a fractal sword because I wants one. And every day I am getting closer to my legendary and making more guild wars 2 gold, without stressing over not getting it fast enough or not making enough.


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