What is Cheapest Crafting 0-400 in Guild Wars 2?

You could do cooking again on the second character since it’s cheap, and just blow it out for the levels. Anything that uses a lot of fine crafting materials gets expensive if you don’t plan to actually get them yourself – not farming, necessarily, but completion (killing everything you see, gathering every node and going back to rich veins regularly, salvaging everything that isn’t worthwhile to sell depending on your current money range, doing all events, etc).

I like weaponsmith because I craft 1 of each new inscription when I learn the new sets – per weapon (dagger, sword, greatsword, etc.). Then I just discover all possible combinations, though I do one or two at a time because often I’ll level out of the good exp from those sets by the time I finish. You do that and you’ll usually have 4 of the same general type of item – sometimes good to sell, sometimes not. If not, mystic forge them for a nicer item to use or to sell.

If you didn’t use up too many FCM on your first character, you should have enough to get guild wars 2 gold. Too bad you sold your excess – artificing uses a few cooking ingredients. Basically just see what you have stored up (if you do have any stored) and see what uses that stuff. You’ll probably also run across the higher level stuff on your first character that you can use on your second if you level in crafting faster than you level your character for higher tier FCM.


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