Farmer’s Mentality return of gold farming in guild wars 2

Pent and shelter(the two waypoints that connect with a tunnel) aNet added Risen spiders in that tunnel that drop nothing at all, and they where not there before.

And many other nerfs ontop of diminishing returns. aNet is a business, and as any business goes they want something that will bring in cash flow to pay for payroll, what they have is the gem shop, Any business phisophy is, how can we rake in the cash. and in aNets point of view. “lets make it so you can trade gems for gold.” “But we will have to make it hard for people to earn gw2 gold.” ” How about we add diminishing returns on farming, and stick outrageous gold prices on recipes, make waypoints cost more the higher the players level, lets stick a repair fee on gear, and make a lot of certain things use to make on thing in crafting.” And most important NEED MOAR TRASH. Then lets also create MF gear and bonus’s so players will sink more coin in the game. Also we have to have a lot of mats to make a legendary, We will lower coin drop and raise gem prices.

It all revolves around the Gem shop. Thats why I feel it should be dropped all togeather, and make GW2 a sub, It will make farming more fun then relentless. Anet has their constant flow of cash. We get less trash, more gold drops, and no more diminishing returns, so we can farm in peace, with out all the event, and loot nerfs.


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