Don’t be in too much of a rush to repair your armor in guild wars 2

Never waypoint anywhere unless you absolutely HAVE to. All those teleportations add up quicker than you think, especially if you’re also repairing your armor frequently.

Some other tips I can offer:
1. Don’t be in too much of a rush to repair your armor. Damaged armor confers no penalty. It’s only when armor is broken that you no longer benefit from that armor piece. As such, you can wait until the first armor piece is broken before using an Armor Repair Canister to fix them all in one shot. At lower levels, you may even end up replacing your armor with drops or crafted ones before getting to the stage where you have to repair it.

2. As some people earlier have mentioned, never WP back to Lion’s Arch or the cities. Instead, click on the PvP icon (looks like two crossed swords) and travel to the Heart of the Mists. From there, you’ll find a free Gate that takes you to Lion’s Arch. From there, you can travel to one of the cities for free. It takes longer and you have to sit through 2 loading screens, but it will save you gw2 gold.

3. Harvest everything, even materials that you don’t use yourself. You can always sell these unwanted ingredients, and you may be surprised at how much some of these materials sell for. For example, Copper Ore still sells for 15 – 20c each. In contrast, each use of a Copper Mining Pick only costs 0.32 copper. That means for each Copper Ore you harvest, you’re earning back 14+ copper. That is an astonishing return, especially at lower levels.

4. If you find unidentified dye, sell it, don’t use it. Unidentified dye sells for upwards of 13 silver each. In contrast, most dyes can be bought for mere coppers. It’s far more economical to sell all your unidentified dyes, and then buy the specific ones you want from the Trading Post.


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