Guild Wars 2 is supposed to be designed around giving players fun things to do

Some players are happy with one or two characters, others want every profession and every race. Altism is very prevelant in MMO’s, always has been always will be. But the problem is that no MMO caters for that kind of mentality, and it’s a very common one.

When you level up your first and maybe even your second character you don’t mind exploring the map, doing hearts, etc. But after the 3rd or 4th go things start to get very boring and all you want to do is get to max level so you can jump straight to the stuff that is fun.

It’s not about being lazy, I’ve levelled 4 charactsers to 80 and got world complete twice, so I have done my share of work. And that there lies the biggest problem. Work. A game is supposed to be designed around giving players fun things to do. Enough fun things to cater for as many players as possible. If you like leveling up many characters then great, you have that option. But if you do not like re-exploring the same zones over and over to get to the fun stuff, then you are not catered for so much.

I don’t mind leveling so much, so long as you can do the fun things you like while you do it. The main problem I have with alts however, is re-exploring the same maps to unlock waypoints. So with this in mind here is my alternate suggestion:

To help level your alts there should be a way to earn tomes of knowledge to gain guild wars 2 gold. Maybe they can be bought with skill points and gold. That way you still have to work for them, but you can do what ever you like while you do it. Additionally, Waypoints should be account bound, but only usable if your character is level appropriate for that waypoint. That way if you are fed up with getting vistas, hearts, poi’s, etc, you can jump straight to where the fun stuff is, so long as your character meets that level. However, if you unlock the waypoint naturally (i.e.- You run there with a low level character) then you can use it regardless of your level. Ultimately, you will have a choice. You can choose to run to the WP or level up enough to use it.

I think another reason that players, myself included, struggle with going through the whole leveling and map exploration process, is because you are not as invested in that alt, as you are with your mains, but you would like the option to use that alt once in a while, for a change of pace. Is it worth all that work just for the occasional spin on another professions? I don’t think so. But if you could do all that work on another character I think that would help a little. So long as the option isn’t quicker or easier to do than how it currently works, and doesn’t effect players who do not like having alts, I really see no issue with having these option


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