How to make gold in guild wars 2

There’s several ways to make good money in this game, but all of them require some time investment or extensive research.

1. Dungeon speed clears – Find a dungeon that you can complete relatively quickly and easily. Common paths include CoF P1, AC P1 or P3, TA Up etc. Experienced groups can clear these paths in 15 mins or less, and each awards 1+ gold per day.

Pros: Good payout. Get tokens as well as gold that can be exchanged for Exotic weapons that can be further salvaged for Ectos, Dark Matter and expensive inscriptions/insignias.
Cons: Unless you run with a regular group, the composition of your dungeon group can vary widely. You will also need to run “meta builds” to do these speed clears, which you may find to be unenjoyable.

2. Farming – The key here is to identify which commodities are in high demand and sell well, and then target your farming at these items. For example, Iron usually sells well (and is currently in a price spike due to the new backpiece), and there are a few locations in the world where you can find an abundance of iron ore nodes to harvest. Just visiting these locations on 3 – 4 characters can reap a huge reward. Repeat this every hour when the nodes respawn to rake in the gw2 gold.

Similar methods to this involve parking level 20-30 characters at the end of jumping puzzles for the chance at a Silver Doubloon (which sells for 1g+), or farming dynamic events that spawn lots of enemies which drop the desired kind of loot. Note that the last method is subject to a mechanic called “Diminishing Returns” in which slain foes will drop less and less loot until they stop dropping it altogether, so my advice is to alternate your farming with harvesting.

Pros: Very simple way of earning money.
Cons: You will need to have multiple characters for this method to really pay off.

3. TP Trading – This method has the biggest payoffs, but also requires the most forethought and planning. You basically need to have a good understanding of the way the game works, and buy goods in anticipation of rising demand in the future. As an example, we know that Ascended Jewelcrafting is coming in the future. It would therefore be wise to buy up some stacks of things like Silver Ore and Gold Ore in preparation for when the patch hits.

There are also smaller markets within the TP where you can buy raw materials for relatively cheap and create more valuable end products for sale. However, prices are constantly changing and fluctuating, so what brings profit one day may not do so the next. You have to be constantly watching the market and adjusting your crafting/forging to compensate.

Pros: Very high potential profit. Trading can be done from anywhere in the game.
Cons: A LOT of research is required, which you may not find very enjoyable. TP trading is also fairly time consuming; it’s not unheard of for “TP barons” to spend hours just placing buy and sell orders. You may not find this to be a fun way to spend your gaming time.


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