Guild Wars 2 Farming And Gaining Money

I understand the financial aspects of game mechanics. We are supposed to be enticed to play so we keep playing and spending money on the game. You know what entices me? Getting what I want. When I don’t have to spend 3000 hours to get 10 gold pieces, and can actually have the gear that I want and enjoy it in the game, that makes me happy, that makes me want to continue playing, that makes me want to spend money on the game to get other stuff.

Other stuff like, different and new armor and weapon skins. I like to change my look from time to time, as most people do. Things that I would actually spend my real money on, as well as game gold, (and I’ve actually spent real money on these things): armor skins, weapon skins, mini pets. I would gladly spend money on new, cool, additional dye colors, rather than spend 12 hours running Plinx over and over just so that I could have enough gw2 gold to buy the kitten thing from someone else.

The solution to keep people playing is not to make the game a miserable grind, it is to provide new, improved content, new skins, new gear, new IDEAS…give us something that we WANT to grind for, don’t force us to do it just to survive.

What is happening is that in order to try to prevent something you have no hope of ever actually preventing, (farming), you are making the game completely miserable for the rest of us. Please stop doing that.

It’s an awesome game, and an awesome game world. A few minor tweaks would make it absolutely outstanding. Fix the champions so they ALL have chests and loot. Make the loot WORTHY of a champion, and the hero’s who defeat it. Fix the meta events so that they are ALL moderately profitable, so that “farming” can become “playing”. If I knew that every event was about the same and was worth my time and money and effort, I would travel around and experience different events. Most people would. I would also like to be able to experience an event that is where I happen to be, and have it be just as profitable as traveling across the map, so that I don’t have to travel across the map to have fun and make some guild wars 2 gold.


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