Guild Wars 2 Area Guide

Certain skills will only remove conditions in an area, at the point where you used the skill or manually placed it. These skills are great for encounters where you know you need to move very little or if you are fighting on a single location (such as a Capture Point). Still using the Mesmers example above, their Null Field is an area of effect condition removal skill and with its wide radius will guarantee (if you stay within its boundary) you are unaffected by conditions for its duration. What is also great about such skills is that they extend to other members of your party, meaning they too can receive its benefits if they dip in and out of the area.

Area condition removal skills can be invaluable in PvP encounters where fighting takes place in close quarters as it will nullify any conditions you receive, while supporting your team at the same time (especially team mates who don’t take a condition removal skill!). I’ve often found these incredibly useful in Capture Point scenarios, defensively or offensively, as approaching the Capture Point you can simply lay down the area condition removal skill and guarantee a large proportion of any incoming damage is mitigated. It should be noted however that area condition removal cheap gw2 gold are often poor when moving from point to point as they rely on you staying within their boundary to receive their effect. A clever player tends to wait for the skill to end before attacking you if you use it too early, which will then leave you incredibly vulnerable.

Not all professions have access to passive condition removal as the skills tend to be unique to Signets, meaning if you choose a profession that doesn’t have them you’ll have to make use of individual or area condition removal instead. I think passive condition removal skills are great as they can be relied on to always remove conditions from you, regardless of cooldowns. However, they only tend to remove conditions every 10 seconds meaning if you do come across a condition focused player, you’re likely to be overwhelmed in a very short space of time as your Signet struggles to keep up. Paired with traits however (such as those that remove conditions when you heal or when you use a skill) can be very effective at keeping conditions on you low. I have found that using a passive condition removal skill will see you never condition free in combat but it can keep conditions low enough to not have to worry about them.


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