Guild Wars 2 Engineer Leveling Guide

The Engineer profession is unlike any other we’ve seen in any MMO. The most important new aspect of the Engineer profession is that it uses mechanical items t inflict damage t its opponents. Using Guild Wars 2 items such as gadgets, explosives, elixirs and anything that can be deployed. While leveling t 80 as an Engineer, you will definitely need a love for destruction and blowing things up with bombs and grenades. Gone r the days of spells with the Engineer!

The Engineer is very familiar with the Elementals in that it uses a single weapon at a time. It is all about setting traps, setting bombs, blowing things up, crowd controlling and also burning ur opponents down with damage over time (DoT). What can we say its like are playing Batman with an all mighty Utility Belt at our disposal.You will need t experiment a lot with the Engineer as there are so many combinations t choose from when casting abilities at our enemies.As an Engineer, you can switch between tolkits change from using pistils, rifles, grenades, bombs, flamethrowers etc. there is an abundant of options t chooses from, pick a few you love and stick gw2 gold!You will notice as you begin using the Engineer and leveling, there a numerous ways t play the class, it can be daunting at times, but the easiest way t play it is the simple weapons choice. Using dual-pistls or a rifle t cast single target damage t opponents.As you choose our main weapon, you’ll have access t you first three skills, while you offhand weapon will determine our 4th and 5th ability. And u will notice from level 7, you won’t get the weapon swap like other professions but instead, you ablities will revolve around the use of tolkits. Instead of using weapons you can have tolkits, and you can actually in fact have all of you 7 hotkeys taken up with tolkits if you wanted.There r a number of tolkits including: grenades, bombs, mines and also even flamethrowers, choose you favourites and stick t them from the beginning.

Combine you character with a weapon and 1-2 tolkits Stick t these and level them up until you are a higher level Also experiment from the beginning t see what you love.Check out the video below for some of the amazing abilities of the Engineer profession.We found the Engineer an extremely entertaining profession t play, there are so many explosives and bombs and turrets and all this jazz, it just makes you feel like a kid again blowing things up! There r numerous options t play as the Engineer but its best stick what you love cheap guild wars 2 gold, we decided on the flameflower tolkit and there r so many builds that can come from this profession. Builds like a healing based build and healing turret build, also landmine builds just t name a few. Great for PvP and group support. We hope you enjoy this profession as much as we have GW2 power leveling!


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